Stand-Alone Datalogger(data acquisition up to 120 channels)

Order #: 2686A-USED

Mfg #: 2686A-USED

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Stand-Alone Datalogger(data acquisition up to 120 channels)

Order #: 2686A-USED

Mfg #: 2686A-USED


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This product is available for shipping to the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico only.
This product is available for shipping to the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico only.
This product is available for shipping to the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico only.

Product Highlights

The Fluke 2686A Data Logging System writes data to a memory card for easy retrieval and storage, making it ideal for remote locations and mobile or non-computer assisted data logging applications. The system comes with a 16 MB ATA memory card and supports ATA flash memory cards of up to 1 GB to provide the memory capacity you need. The 2686A is easily configured for stand-alone data logging operations by simply selecting a preset configuration from the memory card. It can also be used in networks in tandem with the 2680A to provide the extra data security of a memory card.

  • 20 to 120 universal analog inputs per chassis; systems to +2,000 channels
  • Stand-alone data logger operation with the 2686A
  • Large scalable LAN systems using the 2680A with 10BaseT/100BaseT
  • Two types of Universal Input Modules: high-isolation precision modules or fast scan modules, with 16- to 18-bit resolution
  • Throughput of more than 3,000 channels-per-second-per-chassis with 2680A-FAI modules
  • Superior thermocouple measurement accuracy (J, K, R, S, T, N, I, U, C, B)
  • 20 digital I/O and 8 form C, 1 Amp relay output modules for direct control of equipment
  • Up to 300V input isolation, 1600V transient overvoltage protection (2680A-PAI)
  • Universal input conditioning for any input, on any channel, in any combination (V dc, V ac, Ohms, frequency, RTD, thermocouple, thermistor or current
  • ATA flash memory card for stand-slone operation - from 16 MB to 1 GB (2686A only)
  • Multiple power sources: 100 to 240 V and 9 V to 45 V dc
  • Includes Fluke DAQ Software which: Controls all 2680 Series functions, provides real-time and historical and also communicates with and 2645A NetDAQ products

The Fluke 2680 Series data acquisition systems combine the best of lab precision with the rugged flexibility required in rapidly changing industrial applications. Whether you choose the 2680A Data Acquisition System with high-speed 10/100BastT Ethernet network support or the 2686A Data Logging System, you can seamlessly expand your system any time from 20 to more than 2,000 channels, just by adding modules and chassis.

Both models feature six slots in each chassis that you can fill with modules as needed to meet your application requirements. Five slots in each chassis are available for any combination of 2680 Series 20-channel analog input modules. The sixth slot is reserved for a 2680 Series digital I/O relay module to add control capabilities to your system. If you don't need the sixth slot for control, you can plug in an additional analog input module, increasing your channel count to 120 in a single chassis.

You can also link multiple 120-channel systems together seamlessly for the widest possible view of your data. And with TCP/IP connectivity you can connect to existing LANs to distribute information wherever it needs to go. Whether you need speed and throughput, isolated precision, or digital I/O and relays, the Fluke 2680 Series can scale up to thousands of channels to meet your needs.

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Channel capacity (2680A or 2686A) 20 to 120 channels per chassis (6 analog input modules of 20 channels each)
One master alarm (open collector) per chassis
Communications: 10BaseT/100BaseT, TCP/IP via RJ45 connector, Cat 5
Math functions In addition to its analog and digital input channels, each system supports 60 computed channels. Calculations include: time & rate, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, log, natural log, exponent, square root, absolute value, integer function and average.
Measurement speed (2680A-PAI) Slow: 6 readings/second nominal
Medium: 41 (50 Hz), 48 (60 Hz) readings/second nominal
Fast: 143 readings/second for VAC nominal, 140 readings/second on 300 Ω range, 37 readings/second on 3 MΩ range)
Measurement speed (2680A-FAI) Slow: 45 (50 Hz), 54 (60 Hz) readings/second nominal
Medium: 200 readings/second nominal
Fast: 1000 readings/second nominal (5 readings/second for VAC nominal, 370 readings/second on 300 Ω range, 44 readings/second on 3 MΩ range)
Analog to digital converter 2680A-PAI: 18 bit, multi-slope type
2680A-FAI: 16 bit, multi-slope type
Common mode rejection 2680A-PAI: AC: > 120 dB (50/60 Hz, + 0.1 % max 1 kΩ source imbalance) DC: > 120 dB
2680A-FAI: AC: > 100 dB (50/60 Hz, + 0.1 % max 1 kΩ source imbalance) DC: > 100 dB
Normal mode rejection 50 dB @ 50/60 Hz, ± 0.1 %
Common mode voltage maximum 2680A-PAI: 300 V DC or v AC rms (channels 1,11); 25% V dc or V ac rms (all other channels)
2680A-FAI: 50 V dc or 30 V ac rms (all channels)
Totalizing input (2680A-DIO) Pre-settable starting count up/down counter DC coupled, non-isolated, max + 30 V, min – 4 V
Max count: 4,292,967,295
Minimum signal: 2 V pead
Threshold: 1.4 V
Rate: 0-5 kHz (debounce off)
Hysteresis: 500 mV
Input debouncing: none or 1.66 ms
Digital Inputs/Outputs: 20 (2680A-DIO) Threshold: 1.4 V
Hysteresis: 500 mV
Maximum input: +30V, min –4 V; non-isolated Logical "zero" output:
Logical "zero" output: 0.8 V max |out = -1.0 mA (1 LSTTL load equivalent)
1.8 V max |out = -20 mA
3.25 V max |out = -50 mA
Output voltage depends on external load
3.8 V min |out = 0.05 mA
(1 LSTTL load equivalent)
Relays (2680A-DIO) Quantity: 8
Type: form C; DPST
Current: 1 amp, non-inductive
Operation time: 75 ms
Alarm associations (2680A-DIO) Each Digital I/O may be randomly assigned as a digital input, status output, or alarm output (associated with any input channel or channels)
Trigger input Minimum pulse: 5 µs
Minimum latency: 100 ms
Input "High": 2.0 V min, 7.0 V max
Input "Low": -0.6 V min, 0.8 V max non-isolated, contact closure and TTL compatible
Clock Accurate to within 1 minute/month for 0 °C to 50 °C range