Keysight / Agilent 3497A Used for Sale
Data Acquisition Control Unit Mainframe, HP-IB interface

Order #: 3497A-USED

Mfg #: 3497A

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Keysight / Agilent 3497A Used for Sale

Data Acquisition Control Unit Mainframe, HP-IB interface

Order #: 3497A-USED

Mfg #: 3497A


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Product highlights

  • Relay multiplexing
  • DVM
  • FET multiplexer
  • Real time clock
  • Bridge completion
  • Digital inputs/outputs
  • Counter
  • Programmable D/As
  • Optional RS-232C interface

HP 3947A Data Acquisition/Control Unit combines the capabilities of several instruments and is a basic building block of an automatic data acquisition and control system.  The 3497A will be used in an HP-IB automated system and can be viewed as a precision measurement and control computer peripheral.

The 3947A has been designed to be a very versatile and very powerful instrument.  A basic 3947A consists of a mainframe that includes a front panel keyboard and display, a non-volatile real time clock, and an HP-IB interface.  Available as an option is a 5 1/2 digit integrating digital voltmeter and current source that occupies a dedicated slot in the 3497A chassis.  Capability is added to the 3497A by using any combination of plug-in assemblies.  Available plug-in assemblies are:

  • Relay Multiplexers with or without thermocouple compensation 
  • FET Multiplexer
  • Digital Input/Interrupt
  • Counters
  • Strain gage/bridge completion
  • Actuators
  • Programmable voltage and current D/As
  • Breadboard Assembly

Up to 5 assemblies can be added to a 3497A and the 3498A.  Extender chassis can hold up to 10 more plug-in assemblies.

High Performance

The 3497A DVM can resolve 1 microvolt signals and is ideal for the precise measurement of the outputs of thermocouples, strain gauges and other transducers.  Included on the DVM is a programmable current source that allows four-terminal resistance measurements.  The multiplexer assemblies switch 3 wires (Hi, Lo, and Guard) and add less than 2 microvolts of thermal offset to the measurement signal.

Flexible Hardware Configuration

The 3497A card cage can hold 5 of any combination of the plug-in assemblies.  This allows the multiplexing of up to 100 3-wire inputs to the DVM in a single 3497A or a single 3497A might contain 60 multiplexer channels, 16 digital inputs, 16 actuator outputs, and a DVM.  By using the 3498A Extenders, up to 1000 analog channels or 1360 digital channels can be controlled, all at a single bus address.

Ease of Use

The 3497A keyboard and display make the 3497A a very easy to use and make debugging of a 3497A based system easy.  The calibration adjustments for the 3497A DVM are located behind a hinged front panel; this allows complete calibration of the DVM without removing it from the test rack.  Connections to all of the 3497A assemblies are made using screw terminals, eliminating the need for soldering.

Real Time Clock

The 3497A mainframe includes a quartz-referenced, non-volatile, real-time clock.  In addition to providing timing data, the clock can measure elapsed time, interrupt at a presettable time, and output a programmable pulse train.

Clock Format

Month:Day:Hours:Minutes:Seconds (U.S. Format)

Day:Month:Hours:Minutes:Seconds (European Format)

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