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Multimeter Calibration Lab Services - Digital, Analog, Handheld, and Benchtop

Multimeters are the ultimate electrical troubleshooting tools, used by instrument technicians and hobbyists alike in virtually every industrial and electrical setting. At Transcat, we understand the value of a precise and accurate multimeter better than most. We sell over 7,500 meters each year and our ISO accredited laboratories perform over 10,000 annual benchtop and handheld multimeter calibrations. Simply put, multimeters are what we do.

With current, resistance, and voltage measurement applications that range from CAT IV environments to simple electronic troubleshooting, our multimeter calibration customers come to us for services from nearly every industry. Whether you have a single meter for your home or business, or manage a fleet of DMMs to keep your industrial plant safe and operational, Transcat's multimeter calibration services provide low-cost, fast, reliable, and high consistency results.

Transcat Multimeter Calibration

Transcat's automated multimeter calibration processes were designed by our team of world-class metrology experts. Our accurate, uniform processes provide cost efficiency and consistency among our 17 North American calibration labs, ensuring that your meter will receive the same quality service and the same NIST-traceable certificate in our Houston calibration lab as it does in Los Angeles. We also offer 3 unique accredited service levels, depending on the level of data/traceability your quality system & application requires.

Our objective is 100% trust; in our people, in our processes, and, most importantly, in your measurements. Request a quote today to get your multimeter calibrated!

ISO 17025 Accredited, NIST Traceable

Our ISO/IEC 17025 accredited and ISO 9001:2008 compliant calibration services provide true traceability to SI (international standard) units through NIST. After your multimeter has been serviced by Transcat, you can be confident that your measurement results are accurate and related to international standard with known uncertainties. Check out our full scope of accreditation for more information.

Multimeter Reference Standard Calibration Lab

Do you have a high-digit reference multimeter such as the Agilent/Keysight 3458A or the Fluke 8508A? For our customers whose quality systems require a stringent commitment to accuracy, Transcat's accredited reference electrical laboratory in Houston, TX specializes in fully automated reference electrical calibrations that ensure the integrity of your measurements. Check out our reference electrical capabilities, or our Houston calibration lab page for more information.

Free Local Pickup and Delivery Services

Multimeter Calibration Services - Lab, On-Site & Pickup

Transcat's calibration labs are strategically located throughout North America and offer local pickup and delivery services within a 150 mile radius of our laboratories. We offer these services free of charge! Simply contact a sales representative or mention on your quote request form that you're interested in pickup and/or delivery services.

Additional Electrical Calibration Capabilities

Multimeters aren't all we calibrate. Check out our electrical calibration page for details on our capabilities for oscilloscopes, insulation testers, megohmmeters, power supplies, and many other electrical measurement instruments. Each of our 17 labs provides accredited electrical calibration services.