Kaye VALIDATOR 2000 Used for Sale
Benchmark Thermal Validation System

Order #: VALIDATOR-2000-USED

Mfg #: X2000

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Kaye VALIDATOR 2000 Used for Sale

Benchmark Thermal Validation System

Order #: VALIDATOR-2000-USED

Mfg #: X2000


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Kaye Validator Benchmark Thermal Validation System Highlights

The Kaye Validator is specifically designed to enable compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11. All recorded data, including calibration offsets, set-up parameters, and administrative tasks are saved in secure, encrypted, tamper-proof electronic records in a format accessible only through the system software.

  • USB drive to load setups, store study data, upgrade firmware
  • Independent Report Wizard - Common reporting software for Validator® RF ValProbe® and ValProbe®
  • No more hassle with floppies
  • Offers flexibility to operate standalone or with PC during testing
  • Accepts up to 36 inputs in any combination of thermocouple, voltage or current inputs
  • Minimizes sensor handling and saves calibration time with plug-in sensor modules
  • Stores calibration offsets, allowing the software to link module with a specific instrument
  • Prevents unauthorized access via user ID and password for critical operations
  • Creates secure results using files that cannot be used if tampered with
  • Creates printed or spreadsheet reports from a single protected file
  • Creates comprehensive audit trail of all actions affecting user data
  • Protects data with internal memory
  • Documents exceptions easily
  • Saves data with battery back-up
  • Separates sensors in up to four groups


  • Steam Sterilizer (Autoclave) validation
  • Dry heat sterilizer validation
  • Steam in place (SIP) validation
  • Water cascade/fall sterilizer validation
  • Incubator validation
  • Stability Chamber validation
  • Freezer validation
  • Freeze dryer / Lyophilisation validation
  • Vessel validation

A Complete Kaye Validator Benchmark Thermal Validation System Includes Other Optional Items:

  • Kaye Validator
  • Dry Well
  • IRTD reference probe
  • Up to 3 SIMs
  • Thermocouples (for purchase)

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