Hydraulic Power Unit Calibration, Maintenance, & Repair Services

Hydraulic power units, also referred to as HPUs or mules, play an essential role in the world of GSE and aviation maintenance operations. These portable units supply a high amount of power and can used across a variety of GSE operations. Common applications include checking and draining aircraft hydraulic systems, as well as filtering and refilling aircraft hydraulic fluid. Because of this, HPUs are considered critical operational equipment and the maintenance of HPUs is paramount to commercial, regional, and business aircraft operations.

At Transcat, we calibrate, maintain, and repair HPUs on-site nationwide and in our accredited Cleveland, OH, calibration lab. We understand the importance of these units to your aviation maintenance operations, and our technicians are ready to keep your units up and running efficiently. Whether you require pressure testing of pump and motor assemblies, filter maintenance, fluid cleanliness monitoring, hose and electrical circuit inspection, pressure gauge and pressure switch calibration, or flow meter or transducer maintenance calibration, our knowledgeable team is here to ensure the accuracy and performance of your HPU components.

Transcat's Hydraulic Power Unit & Cabin Pressure Unit GSE ServicesTranscat's Hydraulic Power Unit & Cabin Pressure Unit GSE Services

Cabin Pressure Unit Calibration, Maintenance, & Repair Services 

Cabin pressure units, or CPUs, help maintain consistent pressure within an aircraft, pumping sufficient air into the space so internal pressure is high enough to breathe while also reducing over pressurization. Without them, flying at high altitudes would be impossible, so it’s vital to keep these units properly maintained and in good working order.

Preventative maintenance of the CPUs and their Environmental Control Systems (ECS) ensure their systems and subsystems maintain the proper pressure, temperature, and humidity – including the Bleed Air System (BAS), Passenger Air Conditioning System (PACK), and Air Distribution System (ADS). The Transcat team provides preventative maintenance for these systems, including their accompanying compressors, valves, heat exchangers, distribution channels and vents, and additional equipment. The GSE preventative maintenance services also include fault analysis, regular training, and data record maintenance for all activities performed by our highly-trained technicians.

Transcat offers industry-leading accredited calibration, maintenance, and repairs for CPUs to keep passengers and employees safe and comfortable in the air. Our services are available both on-site and in-lab. Reach out to our team today and find out how to keep your CPUs running efficiently.