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Calibrate Your Torque Wrench with Transcat Calibration Services

The torque wrench is used in a full range of industries, including aviation, automotive, nuclear, wind energy and industrial. Regular testing and routine calibration is required for these indispensable tools that support critical processes from assembly line manufacturing to wind turbine installations. At Transcat, we stand on more than twenty years of specialized quality management experience as we calibrate torque wrenches with the precision they demand. A properly calibrated wrench will accurately measure torque, allowing a fastener to be tightened with the right tension and preventing joint connection failures. Our Torque Wrench Calibration Services keep high-functioning tools in your hands for maximum on-the-job reliability.

Digital, Pneumatic & Hydraulic Torque Wrench Calibration

Transcat is a torque tool specialist. We sell, calibrate and repair an extensive range of torque tools which deliver single or dual directional operation. Through our expansive calibration lab network, we offer the industry's leading accredited calibrations for high- to low-torque applications. Our globally recognized achievements in torque calibration provide industries with:

  • Calibration and repair for all makes and models of torque wrenches, such as Stahwille, Wright Tool, Norbar, Milwaukee Tools and more.
  • Precision calibrations of torque transducer devices in various configurations.
  • Torque service flexibility with specifications as high as 3,000 ft.lbs and as low as 28 in.oz.
  • Hydraulic torque calibration capabilities up to 20,000 ft.lbs can be achieved in our Denver calibration lab.
  • Coverage from our advanced, expertly staffed, and ISO 17025-accredited calibration labs across North America.
  • Consistency in torque methods within every Transcat lab and by all skilled staff, many of whom are ASQ Certified Calibration Technicians.

Bring Torque Wrenches Back in Tolerance

Torque Wrench Calibration Lab Services

Torque wrenches are generally built to maintain tolerances for 5,000 or more cycles, however, challenging conditions or constant use can affect this standard. Rely on our comprehensive expertise to address the effects of wear, improper handling and exposure. We can confirm operation to manufacturer specifications and accuracy ratings, while evaluating the tool for defective parts. You'll be assured that a correct calibration schedule is in place for each tool's condition. We offer full-service torque wrench calibrations for Click, Digital/Electric, Electromechanical and Hydraulic wrench categories.

Torque Wrench Calibration Lab Services

Reduce Torque Measurement Risk

Transcat is a trusted, accredited provider of Calibration Services for weight, mass and force. Whether a torque tester reports the need for recalibration or it's simply time for service, you can trust your tools to our proven capabilities, including:

  • Customized calibrations for your unique requirements and specific applications
  • The delivery of SI traceable calibrations following accuracy testing and rigorous procedures performed in as few as seven days
  • Easy service status and documentation tracking with the CalTrak Online system
  • Your choice of lab, onsite or in-process procedures, with additional pickup/delivery or shipping options

Torque Wrench Calibration, Maintenance and Repair

For more information on the repair or calibration of torque wrenches, please use our Live Chat system located on the right side of the page, Request a Quote form, contact us, or call Transcat directly at 800-828-1470.