Transcat Calibration services

Thermal Imager Calibration Services

We calibrate the devices you use to capture quality thermal images, record accurate temperature measurements, and find critical system issues. Our Thermal Imager Calibration Services can help you maintain your devices and verify they’re operating to factory specifications. Through regular maintenance, you can be assured of the reliable performance of your handheld or mounted imaging tool. You’ll be able to use a calibrated device to identify thermal anomalies, complete accurate inspections, check equipment, document conditions, and support quality control. Over time, the electrical components on your imager will wear. You may experience temperature shift. The optical components used in the field or within industrial environments will be exposed to debris. That’s why annual thermal camera calibrations are recommended for greater confidence in your capabilities.

FLIR Thermal Imager Calibration Services

Maintain Precision Thermal Imaging Cameras

Your thermal inspections have a vital role in keeping your equipment operating safely and according to your regulatory requirements. Be ready to detect and measure infrared energy accurately during electrical system installations, chemical processing, or construction inspections. Scan with a device that’s been calibrated in a world-class Transcat calibration laboratory. We calibrate thermal imaging cameras, infrared cameras and blackbodies. You’ve invested in performance equipment. If it’s properly calibrated, you’ll be helping to safeguard its accuracy and precision.

What Types of Infrared Cameras Does Transcat Calibrate?

Our Rochester lab has specially trained technicians who can:

  • Provide calibrations for imagers from most every manufacturer, including FLIR, Fluke, Testo, Milwaukee Tools and more.
  • Verify that high-resolution handheld, compact and fixed mount devices are working to factory specifications.
  • Confirm measurements across the device’s specific temperature range.
Fluke Thermal Imaging Calibration Services

Choose High-Quality Temperature and Electrical Calibrations

With a thermal imager, electronic circuitry is used to convert detected infrared energy into an image with a temperature measurement. Transcat is uniquely qualified to ensure that your imagers are working to standards.

  • Our industry-leading calibrations are ISO 9001-compliant.
  • You’re sure to find a calibration package to meet your business needs and device requirements.

Request a Quote for an IR Camera

For more information on the repair or calibration of thermal imaging equipment, please use our Live Chat system located on the right side of the page, Request a Quote form, contact us, or call Transcat directly at 800-828-1470.