Onsite and In-Process Calibration Service


Onsite Accredited Calibration Services

Do you have a large quantity of instruments to be calibrated? Transcat technicians can come to your facility and calibrate your test and measurement instrumentation on site. Our premium level of service offers you maximum convenience while maintaining our stringent quality requirements. Benefits of onsite calibration are:

  • Eliminate equipment downtime
  • Reduce shipping costs
  • Schedule annually or more frequently
  • Same quality and procedures as in-lab cals
  • Minimize disruption to your processes
Transcat Onsite Calibration ServicesTranscat Onsite Calibration Services

Transcat Onsite Capabilities

Transcat can perform calibrations on most of the same types of instruments that we calibrate in our labs. Capabilities include:

In-Process Onsite Calibration Service

Process Calibrations are performed to customer determined specs and tested in accordance with the customer's process; process calibrations are performed in the process environment. Transcat's traditional calibrations are performed to OEM specs in a laboratory environment (in Transcat's lab or on a customer's site). We also do cGMP laboratory and compliance calibrations for FDA regulated company specific to cGMP requirements.


Process Calibration

Transcat Traditional Calibrations


Customer Determined Specs

OEM Specs


Within the Process

Laboratory or Customer Site

Transcat On-Site Process Calibration services include the following:

  • Highly trained calibration technicians
  • Customized calibration datasheets
  • Fast and flexible service schedules
  • Calibration on Singular, Loop & Process/System Instruments
  • Calibration of Instrument in the environment it resides

What we do:

  • Technicians meet with you at your facility to understand how you use the instrument and what specs the instrument needs calibrated to, including cGMP requirements if you need them
  • Technicians perform the work either with or without the process running depending on your requirements
  • Information is stored online in our calibration asset management system, CalTrak Online, making it readily available whenever you need it
  • Technician can provide all documentation for the completed calibrations before leaving the site

Process Calibration Capabilities:

  • Temperature:
    • Sensors, Thermometers, Switches
    • Recorders, Transmitters and more
  • CTUs:
    • Freezers, Refrigerators, Stability
    • Chambers, Incubators, Ovens
  • Humidity:
    • Chambers, HVAC systems (BMS)
    • Recorders, Transmitters and more
  • Pressure/Vacuum:
    • Sensors, Gages, Transducers
    • Switches, Recorders and more
  • Mechanical Devices:
    • Calipers, Rulers, Micrometers
    • Thickness, Depth, Level and more
  • System Calibrations:
    • Autoclave, Lyophilizer, Centrifuge
    • Mfg. Coating/Granulation/Filling
  • Transmitters:
    • Pressure
    • Temperature
  • Controllers
  • pH/Conductivity
  • Laboratory Equipment: Centrifuges, Refrigerators, Freezers, Ovens, Incubators
  • Balances
  • Pipettes
  • Autoclaves
  • Rotational Speed: Shakers, Mixers

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