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In the global telecommunications and datacom industries, few things can be as troublesome or costly as unexpected bandwidth reduction and copper or fiber optic cable failure. Finding, correcting, and monitoring these issues can be just as time consuming, but with the right Fluke Networks tools and testers from Transcat, assessing and solving your signal problems has never been easier.

Fluke Networks products have long been a preferred test tool brand for knowledgeable professionals in the datacom and telecommunications industry, and Transcat is proud to supply these indispensable systems, along with Fluke test tools, to customers in the US. Designed for use in datacom cabling, IT networking, and telecommunications applications, Fluke Networks tools offer highly intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces, industry-leading technology, built-in reporting and project management programs, and advanced analysis capabilities designed to streamline troubleshooting for both copper and fiber optic cables. Whether you’re running new cables, performing regular system maintenance, or working to fix a failed cable, you won’t find a better option than Fluke Networks testing tools.

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Speed-Test with a Fluke Networks Versiv Cabling Certification System

FLuke Networks Versiv
The Fluke Versiv Cabling Certification system is a modular system designed to give you the best options to test both copper and fiber cabling – all using the same Versiv mainframe.
The Versiv Systems consists of a mainframe, the DSX-5000 copper modules, the basic fiber OLTS CertiFiber PRO Tier 1 certification modules and the extended fiber OTDR OptiFiber PRO Tier 2 certification modules. The FI-7000 FiberInspector Pro is commonly packed with the Versiv platform to provide a physical fiber optic inspection solution.

Copper Cable Testing with the Fluke Networks DSX-5000 Certification System

FLuke Networks DSX-5000To streamline every stage of copper certification, choose the Fluke Networks DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer. It offers the ultimate speed testing of Cat 6A, Class FA and all cable standards, and satisfies stringent accuracy requirements. The user interface directs an error-free start to a successful process. The DSX-5000 is supported by the ProjX Management System that ensures accuracy and tracks progress throughout certification.

Fluke Networks OptiFiber® Pro for Certified Cabling

Fluke Networks Optifiber ProIntelligent testing begins with a professional OTDR. The OptiFiber Pro is an optical time-domain reflectometer designed especially for fiber optic cabling tests. The OTDR was built to generate cost reductions while improving productivity and network reliability. The OptiFiber Prooffers a first for instruments of its kind…a smart phone interface. With the shortest event and attenuation dead zones in the industry, the Pro can:

  • Provide ultra fast set-ups and trace times for high efficiency fiber certification
  • Allow you to evaluate two fibers in one test
  • Offer custom configurations for projects or users
  • Deliver compatibility with Linkware™ Live
Fluke Networks Versiv Family of Cable Testers

Versiv Family of
Cable Testers

Modular Cable Testers for Copper & Fiber Certification

Fluke Networks DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer


Copper Certification & Testing

Fluke Networks CertiFiber Pro OLTS

CertiFiber Pro OLTS

Optical Loss Test Set for Basic Fiber Certification

Fluke Networks OptiFiber Pro OTDR

OptiFiber Pro OTDR

OTDR for Extended Fiber Certification

Fluke Networks FiberInspector Pro

FiberInspector Pro

Fiber Optic Inspection Scope for End-Face Connection Certification

Fluke Networks CableIQ


Cable Qualification Tester

Fluke Networks SimpliFiber Pro

SimpliFiber Pro

Optical Power Meter

Fluke Networks MultiFiber Pro

MultiFiber Pro

Optical Power Meter



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  1. Fluke DSX 5000 CableAnalyzer™

    Fluke Networks DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer

    Order #: Fluke Networks DSX-5000

  2. Fluke Networks Versiv Cable Certifiers

    Fluke Networks Versiv Cable Certification Testers

    Order #: Fluke Networks Versiv Cable Testers

  3. Fluke AirCheck™ WiFi Tester

    Fluke Networks AirCheck Wifi Testers

    Order #: Fluke Networks AirCheck Wifi Testers

  4. Fluke CableIQ Ethernet Cable Tester

    Fluke Networks CableIQ Qualification Tester

    Order #: Fluke Networks CableIQ

  5. Fluke CertiFiber Pro Fiber Optic Tester

    Fluke Networks CertiFiber Pro Optical Loss Test Set

    Order #: Fluke Networks CertiFiber Pro

  6. Fluke FiberInspector™ Fiber Scope

    Fluke Networks FiberInspector Pro

    Order #: Fluke Networks FiberInspector Pro

  7. Fluke LinkRunner™ AT Network Multimeter

    Fluke Networks LinkRunner AT Network Auto Tester (LRAT)

    Order #: Fluke Networks LinkRunner AT

  8. Fluke LinkSprinter™ Network Tester

    Fluke Networks LinkSprinter Network Tester

    Order #: Fluke Networks LinkSprinter

  9. Fluke MultiFiber Optical Power Meter

    Fluke Networks MultiFiber Pro Optical Power Meter

    Order #: Fluke Networks MultiFiber Pro

  10. Fluke OneTouch™ AT Network Tester

    Fluke Networks OneTouch AT Network Assistant

    Order #: Fluke Networks OneTouch AT

  11. Fluke OptiFiber® Pro OTDR

    Fluke Networks OptiFiber Pro Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR)

    Order #: Fluke Networks OptiFiber Pro

  12. Fluke SimpliFiber® Pro Optical Power Meter

    Fluke Networks SimpliFiber Pro Optical Power Meter

    Order #: Fluke Networks SimpliFiber Pro

  13. Fluke Networks OFP-100-QI

    OptiFiber Pro Quad OTDR Kit with Inspection Kit

    Order #: OFP-100-QI

    Mfg #: OFP-100-QI

    Usually ships in 7-10 days

    $18,825.00 USD
  14. Fluke Networks DSX-5000QOI 120

    1 GHz DSX w/Quad OTDR & Fiber Inspection

    Order #: DSX-5000QOI 120

    Mfg #: DSX-5000QOI 120

    Usually ships in 7-10 days

    $40,150.00 USD
  15. Fluke Networks OPVXG-10G/GLD

    OptiView XG 10 Gbps Network Analysis Tablet, 1 Yr GOLD Plan

    Order #: OPVXG-10G/GLD

    Mfg #: 4057460

    Product is currently not available

    $33,137.00 USD
  16. Fluke Networks OFP-100-Q

    850/1300/1310/1550 nm OptiFiber Pro Quad OTDR Kit

    Order #: OFP-100-Q

    Mfg #: 4114643

    Usually ships in 7-10 days

    $15,995.00 USD
  17. Fluke Networks FTK1450

    Complete Fiber Verification Kit

    Order #: FTK1450

    Mfg #: 3326649

    In stock

    $7,695.00 USD
  18. Fluke Networks CFP-100-QI

    Certifiber Pro Quad OLTS with Double Ended INSPection

    Order #: CFP-100-QI 120

    Mfg #: 4715805

    Usually ships in 7-10 days

    $17,195.00 USD
  19. Fluke Networks VISIFAULT

    Visual Fault Locator

    Order #: VISIFAULT

    Mfg #: 2134722

    In stock

    $395.00 USD
  20. Fluke Networks DSX-5000 120

    1 GHz DSX Series Cable Analyzer

    Order #: DSX-5000 120

    Mfg #: DSX-5000 120

    Usually ships in 7-10 days

    $10,995.00 USD
  21. Fluke Networks DTX-1800 FOR RENT

    Cable Analyzer FLV $11500

    Order #: DTX-1800-RENT1

    Mfg #: DTX-1800-RENT1

    Usually ships in 7-10 days

    $495.00 USD

    CertiFiber PRO Quad OLTS w/Dbl. ended Inspection FLV $17000

    Order #: CFP-100-QI-RENT1

    Mfg #: CFP-100-QI-RENT1

    Usually ships in 7-10 days

    $900.00 USD
  23. Fluke Networks CFP-MM-ADD

    CertiFiber Pro Singlemode Modules Add on Kit

    Order #: CFP-MM-ADD

    Mfg #: CFP-MM-ADD

    Usually ships in 7-10 days

    $6,895.00 USD
  24. Fluke Networks DSX-5000 for Rent

    Versiv Copper Network Cable Tester FLV $11K

    Order #: DSX-5000-RENT1

    Mfg #: DSX-5000 120

    Usually ships in 7-10 days

    $400.00 USD
  25. Fluke Networks DSX-5000QOI FOR RENT

    1 GHz DSX w/Quad OTDR & Fiber Inspection FLV $40,000

    Order #: DSX-5000QOI-RENT1

    Mfg #: DSX-5000QOI

    Usually ships in 7-10 days

    $2,000.00 USD

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