Vitrek 944I for Rent, Dielectric Analyzer
Dielectric Analyzer

Order #: 944I-RENT1

Mfg #: 944I-RENT1

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Vitrek 944I for Rent, Dielectric Analyzer

Dielectric Analyzer

Order #: 944I-RENT1

Mfg #: 944I-RENT1

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This product is available for shipping to the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico only.

Product Highlights

  • AC & DC Hipot plus Insulation Resistance and ground continuity in a single feature rich compact instrument
  • AC/DCHipot to 5VK standard, 7 and 10 KVDC optional
  • Easy to use full menu prompting, walks you through the test set-up
  • Test database stores 200 test steps for easy recall
  • Powerful 35mA Sourcing capability
  • On-board phase detection measures total, real or "imaginary" leakage current
  • Continuous Output frequencies from 50 to 100Hz
  • IR measurement to 65Gig ohms
  • Continuity measurement to 1 milli-ohm
  • Leakage current measurement to 1 nano-amp
  • Optional IF-4 Interface package includes GPIB, RS232, VICL & Printer Ports
  • Separate Ramp & Dwell, Min & Max current limits
  • Covers-on Automatic Calibration
  • Built-in controls for HV scanner and Ground Bond Tester
  • CE Mark Certified to EN61010
  • Includes NIST Traceable Certification
  • Three year extended warranty
  • Made in the USA

A new benchmark in Dielectric Analyzer performance, safety and value.

If you need one unit that does the work of a multitude of test instruments, consider the speed, power and flexibility of the Vitrek 944i.

The Vitrek 944i combines AC dielectric strength testing (AC Hipot) with DC dielectric strength testing (DC Hipot), insulation resistance (to65 Gigohms) and earth continuity measurement all in one feature-rich automated instrument. This compact dielectric analyzer lets you measure four electrical safety test parameters from a single test connection-all with the touch of a button.

The Vitrek 944i delivers top performance and versatility for manufacturing test, product safety engineering, component evaluation, as well as research and development applications. You'll find that the multi-function 944i is loaded with features that even the larger more expensive dedicated testers don't offer. Powerful features including-Automatic calibration, built-in diagnostics, internal "watchdog" safety monitor, user memory for up to 100 test routines, arc detection and available interface package with IEEE-488.2, RS-232 and direct test results printout capability.

The intelligent choice for operator safety

At Vitrek, operator safety is not just a concern, it is a relentless commitment. So we engineered the 944i with a high-impact injection moded front-end with no exposed metal parts to present a potential user shock hazard. We put in an internal "watchdog" safety monitor which automatically shuts down the output in the event of an inadvertent disconnect. And the Vitrek 944i boasts an impressive user programmable "Arc Detection" circuit, capable of shutting down the high voltage system within microseconds.

For added peace of mind the onboard diagnostics of the 944i execute a complete check of all safety systems every time you power up.

World Class technology means reliability you can depend on

The Vitrek 944i provides increased performance and reliability when compared to discrete testers. Extensive use of ASIC, PAL and built-in test technologies make possible this high level of functionality with far fewer components than existing instruments.

If your product requires one of these labels. . .

Demand that the Vitrek 944i label is on your Dielectric Analyzer. Only Vitrek minimizes overall test time and maximizes system reliability by combining four dielectric test functions in one unit.

It would hardly seem possible that a slow dielectric tester could back-up an entire production line. Yet with today's imposing 100% dielectric inspection requirements, the antiquated manual hipot tester is often the manufacturing bottleneck. Imagine the consequences of the tester breaking down or worse yet passing a defective product.

Just a few good reasons why each 944i Multi-function Dielectric Analyzer is equipped with two high performance microprocessors - to speed testing throughput and to execute exhaustive onboard diagnostics. Simply put, the Vitrek 944i provides the fastest, most accurate and reliable test results available. And it does it for a surprisingly modest price.

Powerful yet easy to use

We've harnessed the power of the microprocessor to make this dynamic instrument simple and easy to operate. Specifically, the extensive use of menu prompting walks you through the test setup. Built-in user memory allows you to store, recall and edit up to 100 different test programs. All test parameters are fully user selectable-no hidden switches or pots to hamper operation.

The result is a clean, streamlined panel design that demands noticeable less effort to operate - and the unrivaled power to execute customized test routines at the touch of a button.

Capacity to excel

With its full 35mA sourcing capability, the Vitrek 944i possesses the horsepower required to drive today's capacitively filtered circuits - loads which the 10mA to 25mA units just can't handle. Yet, what sets the 944i apart from the rest is its ability to discriminate between in-phase and out-of-phase leakage currents.

This advanced feature enables you to measure the resistive current associated with insulation breakdown, the reactive component or the combination of both.

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