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FSMA Validation Services

The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requires food production facilities to effectively implement risk-based preventive controls. In reference to the baking process, the FSMA has established specific preventive control requirements, including that the business must scientifically validate its kill step - the point in baking when pathogens are killed for safety assurance.

Transcat offers Food Safety Validation Services to bakers and food producers as they comply with FSMA rules. We work directly with each business to verify and document that a baking process can kill the microbiological hazard, Salmonella spp., in bakery products.

If you are a baking professional, a technician from our FSMA Validation Services team can come to your facility to confirm that the baking processes are compliant with preventive control requirements. Transcat has technicians who are specially trained to perform Kill Step Validations.

FSMA Validation

Validating the Bakery Kill-Step

Transcat provides a bakery Kill Step Validation (KSV) by using a temperature data logger to capture data at regular intervals during the baking process. By inputting this data into a scientifically developed calculator, we can determine process lethality. If temperatures do not fall within an acceptable range, then corrective action is taken to modify the baking profile. Our Validation Services technicians will:

  • Develop a temperature profile with 15-second intervals and °F or °C temperatures
  • Program the data logger and place the device in the oven's cold zone
  • Insert thermocouple probes into the center of products (batter or dough)
  • Repeat the baking process five times while capturing data
  • Download data to calculate the lethality of the process

Transcat follows a science-based protocol developed by AIB International, industry stakeholders, and universities. These entities collaborated to extensively research and develop KSV procedures and calculators for various bakery products. Using the calculators, our technicians generate a lethality report that serves as FSMA validation documentation.

Assisting Bakers with FDA FSMA Compliance

With a proven record of validation expertise, Transcat has the ability to respond to the challenges of and changes in federal regulations. We are committed to assisting bakers in meeting the exact requirements of the FDA's FSMA. For detailed information on this specialized validation process, request a quote from Transcat's Compliance Services today.

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