8-kVA Primary Injection Test System up to 15,000 A

Order #: C-15

Mfg #: RAPTOR C-15

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8-kVA Primary Injection Test System up to 15,000 A

Order #: C-15

Mfg #: RAPTOR C-15

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This product is available for shipping to the United States only.
This product is available for shipping to the United States only.
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Product Highlights

  • 1 master unit
  • 1 slave unit
  • 1 Control interface Raptor HH
  • 1 Set of standard accessories – Power: 8.2 kVA This configuration is for applications where the High Current injection values require more power (compliance voltage) to reach the desired current in the test object using either lower cross section cables, which are easier to handle, or longer higher cross section cables to increase the distance to the object under test. The Raptor Slave unit has twice the power of the Master unit.

Massive use of digital technology and innovative design turn the Raptor system into the most portable primary test set available, at a very attractive price.

The simplest Raptor configuration gathers a comprehensive set of resources and test functions in an ultra compact, remarkably portable 77-lb (35 kg) body: master unit, detachable touch-screen console, voltage and current measurement inputs, dual voltage / current test source, binary input, and a 3-kVA digital amplifier for a maximum 9,500 A current injection with variable frequency. A large diversity of test jobs can be accomplished, including circuit breaker and re-closer testing, ground grid integrity verification, transformer saturation analysis, burden and ratio measurement, and more.

For high current applications, the Raptor implements the ‘pass-through secondary’ technique, with a centered hole that confers to this product a unique personality. You only need to drive the current conductor through the Raptor and attach both ends to the device under test. Multiple cables can be used in parallel to increase the effective cross section, and the compliance voltage can be easily multiplied by just doing multiple turns around the unit. If additional power is required,5-kVA slave units can be added for up to a total 18 kVA and a maximum 15,000 A injection. These units communicate with the master Raptor via an infrared link, so no physical interconnections are required. An integrated software calculator allows determining the equipment and cabling required to attain a specific amount of current easily.

Tests requiring a moderately high AC voltage up to 2,000 V can be accomplished by adding the Raptor HV to the system. These jobs include power transformer evaluation, voltage withstand / isolation tests, and step & touch voltage measurement, among others. The Raptor HV is visually similar to the other Raptor units but lacks the characteristic center hole in the current injection models.

No matter the combination of master and optional units used, the entire Raptor system is controlled as a single device from the control console in the master unit. This small command center features a magnetic rear face and implements a comprehensive collection of pre-configured tests that can be customized and extended by the user. Custom settings and test results are permanently stored for subsequent download from a PC via a standard USB port. The Raptor console can be directly updated over the Internet via its built-in RJ-45 Ethernet® LAN connection.

The Raptor is a stabilized injection system, i.e. it will compensate small supply and load variations automatically to guarantee the test values throughout the entire job’s duration. Its compact and robust design enables the use by a single person, and its modular concept avoids the need of investing in unnecessary features or carrying equipment that you will not need.


  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Integral wheels and handle.
  • Dynamic output stabilization.
  • Multi-functionality.
  • Expandability.
  • Convenient and efficient pass-through technique.
  • Pre-configured tests
  • Test & results storage, download and reporting
  • Internet connection


  • Primary current injection testing.
  • Relay testing.
  • Current Transformer testing.
  • Recloser and Sectionalizers.
  • Switchgear Testing.
  • Heat runs.
  • Ground Grid testing.
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