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Aeroflex PN9000B FOR RENT

Phase Noise Test System

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Mfg Part #: PN9000B

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Overview :

Aeroflex PN9000B Highlights

The PN9000 Automated Phase Noise Measurement System is the first system designed specifically to address the requirements of Automatic Test Systems for laboratory, production and maintenance purposes. Before the advent of the PN9000 system, phase noise measurements were tedious, time consuming and difficult to set up. Measurements of this type were therefore relegated to the laboratory environment where specialists could "tweak" the instrumentation, fine tune technique, and apply sophisticated mathematical tools to ensure the precision and accuracy of the measurement.

Today's advanced Communication and Radar systems require the utmost in spectral purity to achieve their performance goals. To ensure the performance of these advanced systems is not degraded due to deficient signal sources, it has become essential that spectral purity parameters such as phase noise and spurious content are measured for quality verification of production units.

The PN9000 is ideally suited to such requirements because it is a fully integrated system and has been designed specifically to facilitate automated measurements. The PN9000 is a modular system which is configurable to support a wide variety of applications, reference sources, frequency coverages, and signal analysis requirements.

The PN9000 has been certified for accuracy and residual noise for both AM and PM Noise by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in accordance with Calibration Report 813003.

A wide choice of RF and Microwave Mixers and Demodulators, as well as built-in or external references, combined with low-noise VCXO options, provide the versatility to measure the spectral purity of any kind of RF or Microwave source, including Crystal Oscillators, Synthesizers, VCO's, DRO's, etc.

  • Simple and Fast Measurements
  • Complete Frequency Coverage
  • Versatile Modular Architecture
  • NIST Traceable Accuracy