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Other Discussion Topics

  • Pages: We can create pages with unique URLs (such as this one)
  • Widgets: Snippet of code that makes it possible to display a wide range of content and can be placed in a specific block. Many widgets display real-time, dynamic data and create opportunities for your customers to interact with your store. Learn more here
  • Dynamic Blocks: Dynamic blocks are created under Content > Dynamic Blocks. Dynamic blocks, likewise to widgets, have specific types. Dynamic blocks can also be displayed to specific customer segments (please note to distinguish between customer segments and groups). As previously mentioned, dynamic blocks can also be associated with related promotions (cart or catalog price rule). Placement for the block depends on the theme and layout. You may choose more than one dynamic block type and area to which it applies. A step-by-step guide on how to create a dynamic block can be found within Magento user’s guide here
  • Page Hierarchy: Magento allows you to create a hierarchy for categories and CMS pages (e.g. within the main navigation, it appears as a dropdown menu) - this can be accessed from Content > Hierarchy for CMS pages and from Catalog > Categories for categories. More information on this can be found within Magento’s user guide here
  • Content Staging & Preview: The staging and preview functionality allows you to schedule upcoming changes for blocks, pages, products, categories, and promotions. This is a powerful tool that allows you to avoid making significant changes during off-business hours. For example, if you want to schedule a change for an existing block, open the block up in editing mode, and select ‘Schedule New Update’ - from there you can change the content as needed. You can select a start and end date for your changes or add this to an existing scheduled update, also referred to as a campaign. To view all updates that have been created, you may go to Content > Staging > Dashboard (both grid and timeline views are available). Within here you can also preview future changes, this allows you to browse the entire site with the updates enabled. You may choose which future campaign or update you want to preview. Also, you may choose which website or store-view scope you want to view. This is a powerful testing tool that allows you to verify all your future changes.