Keysight 34970A/34972A Data Acquisition Modules Selection Guide

Keysight Modules from TranscatKeysight offers several different modules for the 34970A / 34972A data acquisition units. The key benefit of the Keysight platform is the availability of multifunction and multiplexer modules. Multifunction modules can take several different inputs, including thermocouple signal. Multiplexer modules are capable of combining inputs from different slots into and recognizing it as one signal. An example would be an RTD signal measurement, which needs to combine four resistance inputs into one overall measurement. Keysight also offers RF modules with SMB inputs to 2 GHz and BNC-SMB adapters to 1 GHz. Keysight also allows cascading of multiple banks of data acquisition units into large data logging systems.

Models 34901A 34902A 34903A 34904A 34905A 34906A 34907A 34908A
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Description 20-channel multiplexer 16-channel multiplexer 20-channel actuator/ GP switch 4x8 matrix Dual 4-channel RF mux, 50 Ω Dual 4-channel RF mux, 75 Ω Multifunction module 40-channel
Type 2-wire reed
(4-wire selectable)
2-wire reed
(4-wire selectable)
SPDT/ Form C 2-wire armature Common low
(not terminated)
Common low
(not terminated)
Two 8-bit digital I/O ports 26-bit, 100 kHz event counter Two 16-bit analog outputs 40-channel single-ended multiplexer
Speed(ch/s) 60 250 120 120 60 60 NA NA NA 60
Maximum Voltage 300 V 300 V 300 V 300 V 42 V 42 V 42 V 42 V ±12 V 300 V
Maximum Current 1 A 50 mA 1 A 1 A 0.7 A 0.7 A 400 mA NA 10 mA 1 A