Lecroy D11000PS Used for Sale
Differential Probe System,11GHz

Order #: D11000PS-USED

Mfg #: D11000PS

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Lecroy D11000PS Used for Sale

Differential Probe System,11GHz

Order #: D11000PS-USED

Mfg #: D11000PS


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Product Highlights

  • 13 GHz Bandwidth
  • Rise Time (10% to 90%) = 32.5 ps
  • Rise Time(20% to 80%) = 24.5 ps
  • Noise < 14 nV/?Hz (1.6 mVrms)
  • Input Dynamic Range = 2.0 Vpk-pk, (?1.0 V) (nominal)
  • Input Common Mode Voltage Range = ?4 V (nominal)
  • Input Offset Voltage Range = ?2.5 V Differential (nominal)
  • Non-destructive Input Range = ?10 V (nominal)
  • DC Input Resistance (nominal) = 1.1 kU Differential, 100 kOhms Common mode

The D11000PS extends the full signal acquisition performance of the SDA 11000 to the probe tips. With 11 GHz system bandwidth, the probe enables direct measurement of high-speed serial data streams up to 6.25 Gb/s. The D11000PS also provides 11 GHz system bandwidth when used with the SDA 18000.

The D11000PS is designed with dedicated tip modules that support two physical interconnects to the test circuit. A direct solder-in tip allows attachment directly to circuit components and gives users the flexibility to connect the probe directly to components, such as SERDES, in high-speed serial data systems, while maintaining maximum waveform fidelity. The second tip is an SMA input that can be used for direct-cabled applications, such as serial data compliance test fixtures.

Acquiring a cabled differential signal with the SMA cabled probe, rather than using waveform math with a pair of channels offers several advantages. It allows the second channel to be used to acquire a different signal. Secondly, the signal acquisition method provides better common mode rejection and allows stable triggering on the signal of interest, rather than the common mode noise. Finally, the direct-cabled probe eliminates the need to deskew the cable lengths and precisely match the input cable losses.

Both input connection styles have similar performance. The system bandwidth with the SDA 11000 is 11 GHz and the system rise time is 50 ps. Designed for acquiring the highest speed signals, the D11000PS has low attenuation to maintain resolution and minimize noise. The dynamic (differential mode) range is +/- 1 V, while the common mode range is fixed at +/- 4 V. The solder-in version of the probe has a high 25k ohm DC input resistance on each input. The SMA input version has a fixed 50-ohm input impedance.

The D11000PS maintains the minimal circuit loading and overall strong performance achieved by LeCroy’s family of differential probes. It employs digital response compensation for frequency and time domains. The compensation system supporting the D11000PS is part of the SDA 11000 core software. While the D11000PS is a modular probe system, all of the components are provided in one product code. This eliminates the need to purchase separate probe bodies and tip modules.

Unexcelled Waveform Accuracy

When used to acquire input signals for the SDA 11000, the D11000PS provides unprecedented waveform fidelity, even with signals at highest serial data rates. The D11000PS utilizes third generation compensation calibration, the most advanced in use today, to provide optimal system response. Each individual probe is characterized with this system. Information on the probe’s frequency and time domain responses are stored in non-volatile memory within the probe amplifier module. This information is uploaded to the SDA 11000 when the probe is connected. The probe calibration data and the SDA 11000 calibration data combine to generate new equalization filters for the composite system. The resulting compensation system corrects for frequency response deviations, as well as group delay correction and reflection cancellation.


The D11000PS is designed specifically for use with the SDA 11000. However, it does contain additional calibration data for use with all of the lower bandwidth WaveMaster®, SDA, and DDA 5005A series oscilloscopes and analyzers.

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