Fluke Calibration 5522A/1GHZ for Rent, Multi-Product Calibration Standard with 1.1GHz Scope
Multi-Product Calibration Std.w/1.1GHz Scope

Order #: 5522A/1GHZ-RENT1

Mfg #: 5522A/1GHZ-RENT1

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Fluke Calibration 5522A/1GHZ for Rent, Multi-Product Calibration Standard with 1.1GHz Scope

Multi-Product Calibration Std.w/1.1GHz Scope

Order #: 5522A/1GHZ-RENT1

Mfg #: 5522A/1GHZ-RENT1

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Renting Fluke 5522 Calibration Lab Standards

Transcat Rental Fluke 5522A

Is your Fluke calibrator in for its scheduled calibration or an unscheduled repair?

Many calibration labs have a firm schedule and a contingency plan for when their lab standards (such as Fluke 5720A, Fluke 5522A, Fluke 5502A and similar units) need to be sent to calibration. What if the calibration takes longer than expected and/or the unit is delayed for repair? Often, such a situation imposes quite a stress on the lab's operations and scheduling.

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Transcat offers 10-day turn-around time for accredited Fluke 5522A, 5502A and other lab standard calibrations.
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Do you need another asset to keep up with the volume?

If you require another calibration asset, Transcat keeps rental Fluke 5522s ready to be shipped at a few hours notice. Our units are always calibrated with accredited calibration certificates from Transcat, so you can put them into service a day or two after you place the order.

Do you need an accredited cert with uncertainties to be fully operational?

Transcat is the only rental provider of lab standards who is also fully accredited by NVLAP to calibrate them. This means we can keep units ready to ship with accredited calibration certificates, and you do not have to incur a four week delay for an OEM calibration at Fluke. It also means that we can calibrate units quickly after they come back from a rental, and get them ready to ship out again.

Most importantly, you can now use a unit in your lab with a fully accredited certification, allowing you to continue to provide accredited calibrations to your own customers.

Do you need a long-term rental or a lease?

Transcat Rentals offers both long-term rental discounts and lease options. Long-term discounts have to be agreed-to in advance of the start of the rental, while lease options are subject to availability. Please request a quote if you are interested in either.

Fluke Calibration 5522A Multi-Product Calibrator Description and Specs

The 5522A is a versatile calibration workhorse that is well suited to frequent transportation requirements. It allows users to calibrate resistance, voltage, current, pressure (with Fluke 700 or 7500 series modules) and more, and offers both 600 & 1.1 GHz oscilloscope options and power quality options. Transcat currently offers plain units and those with the 1.1 GHz options. It can be fully automated by using Fluke Calibration's METCAL software.

Fluke 5522A Features

  • Calibrates a wide variety of electrical test equipment
  • Robust protection circuits prevent costly damage from operator error
  • Resistance calibrator, voltage calibrator, current calibrator and more
  • Redesigned carrying handles make the 5522A easy to transport
  • Rugged carrying case with built-in handles and wheels and removable front/rear access doors for in-situ calibration in almost any environment
  • Remarkably affordable

Instruments Calibratable with the Fluke 5522A

Transcat Rental Fluke 5522A

  • Handheld and bench meters (analog and digital) up to 6 ½ digits
  • Current clamps and clamp meters
  • Thermocouples and RTDs
  • Process calibrators
  • Data loggers
  • Strip and chart recorders
  • Watt meters
  • Power harmonics analyzers
  • Panel meters
  • Graphical multimeters
  • Power quality analyzers (with option)
  • Analog or digital handheld and bench oscilloscopes to 600 MHz or 1.1 GHz (with options)
  • …and more, including pressure gauges and transducers and three-phase power meters

View Fluke 5522A Extended Specifications

Can I rent the Fluke 5502A, the 5730A or the 5720A?

The units we rent at this time are Fluke 5522As. There is a great deal of overlap between the capabilities of the 5502A and the 5522A. Please view the Fluke 5502A and Fluke 5730A spec sheet for comparison.

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