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A complete plan for EBT screening involves many aspects beyond a simple product selection. Transcat is the company that can help you with all of them. From selecting the best product for your needs, to understanding the impact of different locations on your measurements, installing the locations and verifying the continued accuracy of your instruments, trust Transcat with the complete solution to your EBT needs.


A complete plan for EBT screening involves many aspects beyond a simple product selection. Transcat is the company that can help you with all of them.

Test Equipment

Find the Right Product for your EBT Needs

From individual, close-up measurement with infra-red thermometers, to distanced automatic measurements with specialized thermal cameras, Transcat offers the solution for your business.

Calibration Services

Ensure the Continued Accuracy of Your EBT Instruments

Like all instruments, IR Guns and thermal cameras gradually lose their accuracy over time. A Transcat calibration will increase your confidence in avoiding false positives and negatives.


Let Us Help You Design the Complete Solution

Transcat can help you compare and evaluate different solutions for speed, accuracy and installation complexity based on your business's requirements.  Download Our THERMALASSIST Consulting Services PDF


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Temperature Screening Product Selection

Close-up Measurement Screening Tools

Close-Up Measurement




Manual Thermal Cameras

Manual Thermal Cameras




Self-Reported Thermal Cameras

Self-Reported Thermal Cameras



Security-Monitored Cameras

Security-Monitored Cameras



Temperature Equipment Calibration Services from TranscatTemperature Equipment Calibration Services from Transcat

Learn More About Transcat's Calibration Services & Capabilities

Infrared Thermometer Calibration

Regular IR thermometer calibration ensures that your device is operating at its highest possible level of accuracy. Infrared thermometer calibration is deceivingly complex. With multiple sources of uncertainty, a host of outside considerations, and a variety of specialized equipment required, it's best to leave this job to the pros.

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Thermal Camera Calibration

Our Thermal Imager Calibration Services can help you maintain your devices and verify they’re operating to factory specifications. Through regular maintenance, you can be assured of the reliable performance of your handheld or mounted imaging tool.

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Black Body Calibration

You can avoid temperature measurement inaccuracies when you use properly calibrated blackbodies. As part of our commitment to meeting all your test and measurement needs, we offer NIST traceable Blackbody Calibration Services.

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Calibration Services from TranscatCalibration Services from Transcat

White Paper: Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) Scanning in the Time of COVID-19 by Howard Zion

The world is forever changed. Every country, every town, every person. And it does not matter whether you believe COVID-19 is real. The end result is the new reality that we must all face. This new reality requires us to take greater precautions than we did prior to COVID-19. If we are going to get the world economy back into motion before individual country economies collapse, we will have no choice but to put safeguards into place. It’s not just the non-believers who throw caution to the wind that are driving it, though that in itself is at the top of the list during a pandemic. But even for those taking precautions, there is still unintentional transfer occurring which provides a route for the virus to spread.

100% isolation for a period of 14 days or more is one way to stop this infectious disease. But unless you can control all 7.6 billion humans and countless more animals on the planet to be compliant with a world-wide quarantine (Venetian: quarantena meaning ‘forty days’ related to the Black Death plague in the 14th century), that is simply not a realistic solution. We can’t stop taking care of the sick or the elderly. We can’t stop taking care of our babies, children or pets. We have to go on living, but we must do it in a way that significantly minimizes transmission of infectious diseases.

In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as the World Health Organization (WHO) with a focus on international public health have developed guidelines we can all easily adopt as responsible human beings. Many countries, companies, and individuals have already implemented these safety measures. That’s a step in the right direction, erring on the side of caution.


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