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Voltage Calibrator & Voltage Meter Calibration Services

At Transcat, we provide precision calibration services for voltmeters, voltage sources and voltage calibrators. Our accredited calibration labs deliver globally renowned expertise in electrical calibrations, including calibration performed on the voltage standards used in research, manufacturing and engineering.

Engineers, electricians and technicians need a voltage calibrator they can count on to setup and calibrate devices such as transducers, indicators, recorders and controllers. Our reference-level electrical standard calibration capabilities provide industry-leading voltage calibration services to help ensure accuracy and traceability during your testing procedures. Our capabilities assist labs and industry in meeting the highest quality, regulatory and safety standards. We calibrate the voltage calibrators and voltmeters used in most every environment, so you'll be able to test and adjust accurately and safely.

Why Choose a Transcat Lab for Voltage and Current Calibration?

We calibrate all types of voltage sources and meters with various operating modes and input/output ranges, including those used in field service, manufacturing processes and bench research. We have the world-class electrical expertise to verify the performance of the devices that you use to calibrate electrical instruments and test your processes. Transcat delivers ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory capabilities and has earned the widest scope of accreditation across our serviced industries.

  • We offer true SI unit (NIST) traceable calibrations for AC and DC voltage devices.
  • Our highly skilled teams calibrate voltage process calibrators, benchtop voltage sources, handheld voltage calibrators, current/voltage calibrators and meters, and multifunction calibrators with voltage capabilities.
  • The calibration processes, designed by metrology experts, deliver stringent control over measurement accuracies and uncertainties.
  • We calibrate all makes and models of voltage instruments and calibrators, including those from Extech, Fluke and Martel Electronics.
  • Calibrations are performed in accordance with meticulously documented, internally monitored and externally audited quality management systems.

Calibrate Voltage for Process Precision

Whether you are using an AC or DC voltage calibrators to confirm accuracy, Transcat is the single provider you need for superior calibration services. Our highly trained technical teams and dedicated metrology experts provide:

  • Onsite and lab calibrations performed to the highest standards, with consistency in calibrations and quality across all locations and technicians.
  • Convenient shipping, pickup and delivery options at strategically located labs.
  • An unparalleled commitment to customer service with rapid turnarounds and easily accessible online documents.

Excellence in Electrical Calibration Services

Transcat calibrates a comprehensive range of electrical and electronic devices, from voltage calibrators to power supplies. With true traceability to SI units andISO 9001 compliance, Transcat's accredited electrical calibrations surpassrigorous quality requirements. We provide:

  • Calibrations in the complete range of industrial and laboratory electrical instruments: insulation testers, process meters, power transducers and many other devices.
  • High Voltage and Reference Level Electrical laboratory standard capabilities in our Houston calibration lab.
  • Competitive pricing on industry-leading expertise, pluslevels of service that meet the specific needs of your company's budgetary and quality system requirements.

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