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Accredited VNA Calibration Services

Transcat has the calibration expertise, highly skilled technicians and advanced equipment to calibrate Vector Network Analyzers (VNAs), as well as other RF and microwave equipment that features VNA capabilities. You can have greater confidence in your S-parameter measurements when you use an accurately calibrated VNA within your component testing system. VNAs are RF devices that can deliver exceptional accuracy. In addition to routine user calibrations, these analyzers also require annual performance calibrations. Transcat conducts ISO 17025-accredited calibrations of vector network analyzers. Our industry-leading capabilities and equipment resources also allow us to service a range of RF testing devices, including attenuators, microwave network analyzers, power meters, spectrum analyzers and oscilloscopes.

Accredited VNA Calibration Services from Transcat

Servicing Vector Network Analyzers

We can verify the specifications of your VNA before you use it to test RF frequency devices or components. We’ll let you know if your RF source and measurement receivers are accurately measuring a high-frequency component’s S-parameters and properly characterizing the performance of your DUTs. An accredited vector network analyzer calibration can provide you with the documentation of your instrument’s functionality. You use your vector network analyzer to measure components due to its stimulus-response system, which allows it to eliminate errors during measurement. Maintain this vital testing device through regular service. We can calibrate your analyzer to regulatory standards or manufacturer specifications.

How Does Transcat Support Your RF Network Analysis?

At Transcat, we understand that RF equipment calibrations are vital to your network analysis. Let us be your single source for EMC, ESD, VNA, RF, and Microwave calibrations. Our world-class calibration expertise provides the following capabilities related to RF measurement systems:

  • High performance, mid-range and general purpose VNA devices and systems
  • Multiport network analyzers
  • Calibrations of network analyzers used within a variety of applications
  • Analyzers with broad frequency ranges and integrated functions
  • True traceability to SI (international standard) units through NIST
  • Services that are ISO 9001-compliant

Ensure VNA Testing Reliability

Whether you are using your analyzer in the R&D lab or during microwave manufacturing, its performance should be reliable. We are committed to delivering exceptional service on your VNAs. Transcat is your source for:

  • Calibrations on virtually all types of equipment used in high-frequency testing
  • Flexible scheduling to accommodate your operational demands
  • Accredited calibrations on most every major brand of electronic devices
  • Service consistency due to our centrally controlled processes and datasheets

Request a VNA Calibration Quote

For more information on an RF testing device calibration, please use our Live Chat system located on the right side of the page, Request a Quote form, or call Transcat directly at 800-828-1470.