Transcat Calibration servicesTranscat Calibration services

Thread Wire & 3 Wire Calibration Services for Plugs and Gages

Companies commonly use the three-wire method to determine thread gage or threaded part measurements and also to identify defective threads. We efficiently and affordably provide thread wire calibrations on the "best size" thread wires that accurately measure precision thread plug gages. Our high quality services support the accuracy of wire measuring practices, which can be utilized to calculate the critical pitch diameter of the gage or screw thread.

Both working thread gages and thread set plug gages can be evaluated using the three-wire process. For assurance of error-free measurement, the calibration of thread wires is conducted according to industry standards. Calibration helps to ensure accuracy during your three-wire thread inspections. It supports wear evaluation and measurement of thread plug gages. Transcat's dimensional calibration expertise can prove invaluable when thread wire accuracy will affect the quality of your parts, machinery and services.

Trusted Thread Wire Calibration Expertise

Do you routinely place wires in thread grooves to check external thread pitch diameter? If so, the calibration of these measuring wires ‚ that have been made to tight tolerances ‚ should be included in your routine calibration program. Our industry-renowned experts have designed leading processes for confirming the accuracy of wire for measurement.

  • We calibrate thread-measuring wires and wire sets from every manufacturer including Vermont Gage, Van Keuren and more.
  • Transcat offers ISO/IEC 17025-accredited thread wire services in several labs across North America.
  • Our metrology experts have developed processes based on a stringent dedication to accuracy and uncertainty control.
  • Transcat dimensional calibrations are ISO 9001-compliant, with true SI unit traceability through NIST.
  • We often triple-check unexpected dimensional results to ensure accurate, in-tolerance performance.

Extensive Accredited Dimensional Capabilities

Our ISO 17025-accredited dimensional calibration services for hand tools were designed to minimize inaccuracy and increase reliability. We offer consistent calibrations with traceable results in order to support strict quality system requirements. Our world-class dimensional services include a full scope of tools, such as the following instruments for length measurement:

Transcat's calibration capabilities in the dimensional discipline range from standard-design tools to advanced, optics-based scales. We also offer dimensional reference-level capabilities for tools such as gage blocks, ring gages and master setting plugs.

Reduce Dimensional Measurement Risk with Transcat Calibration Services

Here are a few reasons you can have complete confidence in your world-class Transcat thread wire calibration:

  • Calibrations are all conducted with extreme efficiency and stringent adherence to quality standards.
  • Tiered levels of accredited service accommodate a range of business budgetary requirements.
  • Centralized datasheets are used in every lab, and we can meet precise OEM or customer-requested specifications.

The Calibration of Thread Wires

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