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Humidity and Temperature Chart RecorderCalibration Services

With an unparalleled commitment to accuracy, Transcat performs chart recorder calibrations on paperless, strip and circular types of recorders. We calibrate the full range of devices that generate graphs using data output from lab and test equipment. Transcat's highly skilled technicians service the paperless equipment with digital output. We provide competitively priced calibrations on programmable recorders, which are used to monitor and record critical lab or clean room environments.

Through a program of regular calibrations, you can be assured of your chart recorder's accuracy in delivering relevant temperature measurement, humidity data and crucial warning alerts. Our temperature calibration and humidity calibration capabilities are unmatched in the industry. We want to help you access error-free information on environmental monitoring for evaluation and reporting. Our NIST-traceable humidity and temperature recorder calibrations support critical safety, compliance and quality requirements.

Eliminate Drift with Chart Recorder Calibration Services

Transcat's world-class expertise can ensure that recorders capture humidity and/or temperature measurements and calculate dew point. If your recorder reads additional measurements, such as pressure, we can confirm performance accuracy for each parameter. With a dedication to stringent quality procedures, Transcat provides calibrations of paperless digital chart recorders that offer leading edge technology and span a range of measurement accuracies and configurations. Since recorder sensors can drift over time, our Chart Recorder Calibration Services are valuable to ensure accurate environmental monitoring. We'll recalibrate your device to precise specifications and support your quality requirements and industry's regulatory compliance.

  • We calibrate all types of chart recorders and data loggers used in virtually every environmental monitoring application.
  • Our recorder capabilities cover a full array of brands, such as Dwyer, Dickson, Honeywell, Extech, TTI and more.
  • Transcat calibrations within the humidity, temperature and pressure disciplines feature industry-leading ISO/IEC 17025-accredited capabilities.
  • Services are also ISO 9001-compliant, with true SI unit traceability through NIST.
  • Most of our labs offer reference-level humidity calibration up to 95% RH for chart recorders, transmitters, and chambers.

Temperature & Humidity Recorder Calibration Expertise

Our industry-renowned experts will ensure that industrial recorder calibrations are performed to pinpoint accuracy, and that supportive documentation is readily available. We understand that even the smallest environmental data inaccuracy can be a serious problem for industry, leading to quality, productivity and profit losses. That's why our highly trained technicians are committed to stringent quality standards when calibrating chart recorder or instruments, such as:

  • Humidity meters
  • Digital hygrometers
  • Moisture and dew point meters
  • Pressure transmitters and sensors

Our temperature calibration services are also expansive, accredited and respected. From liquid-in-glass thermometers to transmitters, we provide a full range of industrial and reference-level calibrations in this discipline.

Consistency in World-Class Service

  • Services on all types of recorders are performed within accredited labs or on your site.
  • Calibrating new recorders for environmental monitoring gives you documented accuracy on instrument additions. (We'll alert you when it's time for recalibration.)
  • We offer a wealth of experience not only in calibration, but also in validation.
  • All instrument certificates are accessible online through our secure calibration management system.

Request a Recorder Calibration Service

For more information on a temperature or humidity recorder calibration, please use our Live Chat system located on the right side of the page, Request a Quote form, contact us, or call Transcat directly at 800-828-1470.