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Force Gauge Calibration:Digital & Mechanical Gauge Services

Are you using a force gauge within the research lab, production facility or field environment? Transcat's accredited Force Gauge Calibration Services will ensure the accuracy and traceability of your tensile, force or compression testing. Our world-class, accredited calibration laboratories calibrate all makes and models of mechanical and digital force gauges for the lowest measurement uncertainty possible.A regular program of force instrument calibrations will ensure that your gauges are up to performance specifications and can accurately conduct testing or data sampling. A properly calibrated gauge will be able to determine precise peak force measurements and verify part quality. Transcat's quality-driven calibration processes restore confidence in force gauge operations as you collect data on the product line or in the laboratory.

What are Transcat's Force Gauge Calibration Capabilities?

Transcat's ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory capabilitiesprovide our customers with force verification and confirmation of gauge performance. Utilizing our industry-leading expertise, we calibrate the force gauges used in test stand and handheld applications, so you receive accurate data for quality control or analysis. You'll be ready to reliably measure packaging materials, perform spring inspections, or determine product characteristics.

  • Whether on-site or in-lab, we perform SI traceable calibration (NIST) of force gauges in a range of weight capacities.
  • Our labs calibrate all types of mechanical and digital gauges featuring basic to complex functionality, from manufacturers such as Ametek, Imada, Shimpo, Mark-10 and more.
  • We recheck unexpected force results twice to guarantee correct measurements and prevent the interruptions,follow-up work, and quality issueslinked to unexpected costs or risk.
  • Our highly trained and audited technicians can calibrate all of your force and hardness instruments, including force gauges, dynamometers and load cells.

Force Gauge Calibration Lab Services

Reliable Force Gauge Calibration Data

Do you trust your force gauge data to help you determine optimal product conditions and production processes? Our compression/tension calibrations of force gauges support consistent results.Quality professionals and researchers can rely on our servicesto confirm accuracy of one force gauge or an entire inventory.We also repair many of the force measurement instruments that we calibrate ‚ and we work fast. Calibrations are often completed in as few as five business days. Our onsite calibrations offer additional convenience as rigorous standards are maintained. From the field to the lab, every Transcat service is performed with an unparalleled customer commitment.

Services in the Physical Discipline

Transcat provides calibrations for a broad array of instruments in the Physical discipline.We are accredited for more than 99 percent of our capabilities, which means we can offer the widest scope of ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation in the industries we serve.

  • On-site process calibration services and in-lab calibrations will meet OEM specifications or the customized testing parameters requested by a customer.
  • Every Transcat lab and technician uses centrally controlled datasheetsand calibration processes, ensuring consistency across our North American laboratory network.
  • Our internal quality team ensures the uniformity and quality of processes, throughout the year and between official audits.

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