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Fluke Infrared Thermometer Calibration Services

Fluke builds non-contact IR temperature test tools for a range of applications, and Transcat calibrates these tools with the expertise you need. Let us provide an ISO 17025-accredited and NIST-traceable calibration for your Fluke infrared thermometers that capture measurements in challenging environments. Choose from a high quality onsite or lab calibration for your IR thermometer.

  • Be sure your laser technology takes accurate and repeatable measurements.
  • Have confidence in readings over an instrument's entire range.
  • Use tools that are ready for repair and maintenance tasks.
  • Be confident in your ability to locate critical issues quickly.
  • Verify accuracy and performance for tools that capture temperatures in transformers, motors, pumps, panels, breakers, compressors, valves, and more.
  • Have traceability on your IR thermometers, with testing related to national or international standards.
Fluke Multimeter Calibration Services from Transcat

Calibrating Many Models of Fluke IR Thermometers

We calibrate IR thermometers from Fluke with single and dual lasers, intrinsic safety, digital cameras and specialized functionality, including:

  • The Fluke 572-2, a dual laser IR thermometer.
  • Fluke 62 MAX and other single laser models in the 60 Series including the Fluke 64 MAX.
  • Visual IR Thermometers, such as the VT04.
  • Two-in-one IR/contact thermometers, like the Fluke 561 model.

How Do Transcat Calibrations Stand Out?

  • A broad scope of superior temperature services that cover IR thermometers from Fluke and other major manufacturers.
  • The use of specialized instruments in performing IR tool calibrations, with these instruments calibrated for a high degree of accuracy.
  • ISO 9001:2008 compliant quality systems and the widest scope of ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation in the industries serviced.
  • The flexibility of infrared thermometers calibrated to manufacturer specifications or to your application requirements.
  • Calibration of a wide range of instruments across multiple industries ‚ your single source for temperature services.

Contact Transcat for an IR instrument calibration backed by industry-leading expertise!