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Fluke Clamp-On Meter Calibration Services

Transcat offers Calibration Services for Fluke Clamp-On & Amp Meters as part of our industry-leading electrical instrument calibration capabilities. We are uniquely positioned with the knowledge and specialized instrumentation to calibrate high-performance meters. Be sure you can measure very low voltage and very high resistance accurately. Be prepared for measurements from HVAC to motor drives with our onsite or lab services. An ISO 17025-accredited and NIST-traceable calibration will confirm that your device:

  • Delivers accurate measurements across all functions
  • Meets required electrical specifications and has a properly operating display
  • Is an instrument with documented reliability supporting quality control
  • Has verified accuracy and performance according to customized or manufacturer requirements
  • Can support your equipment maintenance program
  • Is being serviced according to a calibration schedule that supports safe electrical troubleshooting
  • Will measure current, as well as voltage, resistance and other parameters to precise specifications
Fluke Clamp On and Amp Meter Calibration Services from Transcat

Some of the Fluke Clamp Meters We Calibrate

We calibrate multifunctional, AC, AC/DC, HVAC, and true RMS clamp meters across a broad current range, including:

  • Milliamp clamp-on meters, such as the Fluke 771, Fluke 772 and Fluke 773
  • AC True RMS clamp meters, Fluke 355, Fluke 902, Fluke 324, Fluke 323
  • AC/DC Clamps, such as the Fluke 374, Fluke 375, Fluke 381
  • The Fluke 368 and Fluke 369 AC Leakage Current Clamp Meters
  • Earth Ground Loop and Leakage Clamps, such as Fluke's 1630-2 FC

Why Choose Transcat for Your Fluke Test Equipment Calibration?

  • A broad scope of Fluke services for clamp meters, DMMs, power loggers, analyzers and a myriad of electrical equipment
  • ISO 9001:2008 compliant quality systems and the widest scope of ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation in the industries we service
  • Reference-level electrical DC/AC-LF laboratory standard capabilities in our Houston lab
  • Verification of millions of data points annually thanks to skilled technicians, consistent processes, and advanced equipment

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