Keysight Handheld Multimeters

Keysight Handheld DMMs from TranscatAgilent's handheld digital multimeters were built on the tradition of accuracy and reliability that the company's benchtop DMMs have fostered for decades. Keysight continues that tradition with an ever-improving lineup of handheld multimeters for every application. There is the lower-cost options U1230A series for HVAC and utility technicians, the U1240B and U1240C series for installation and maintenance, the industrial U1270A series that is rated to 3000m of altitude, as well as the advanced Keysight U1280A series that gets up to 800 hours of battery life.

Models Electrical, HVAC and utilities Installation and Maintenance Electronics Troubleshooting Industrial Electronics Troubleshooting
U1231A U1232A U1233A U1241B U1242B U1241C U1242C U1251B U1252B U1253B U1271A U1272A U1273A/AX U1281A U1282A
Counts 6,000 10,000 50,000 30,000 60,000
Bandwidth 1 kHZ 2 kHz 30 kHz 100 kHz 20 kHz 100 kHz 100 kHz 30 kHz 100 kHz
Voltage AC/DC 600 mV to 600 V 1 V to 1000 V 50 mV to 1000 V 300 mV to 1000 V 30 mV to 1000 V 60 mV to 1000 V
Current AC/DC N/A 60 μA to 10 A 1 mA to 10 A 500 μA to 10 A 300 μA to 10 A 600 μA to 10 A
Battery life 500 hours 300 hours 400 hours 72 hours 36 hours 8 hours 300 hours 30-60 hours 800 hours
Additional features Built-in flashlight, continuity alert with lashing backlight, ZLow Switch counter N/A 20 MHz frequency counter, programmable square wave generator Low pass filter
High altitude rated (3000 m)
Frequency counter,
square wave
output, harmonic
ratio, Vsense, Zlow, low pass filter, dual and differential measurements
NA Vsense Built-in LED flashlight   AC and/or DC voltage check Low impedance mode,
3Low impedance mode,