Fluke Milliamp Loop Calibrator Selection Guide

The World’s Most Popular, Innovative and Accurate Loop Calibration Tools

Fluke offers the widest variety of mA calibration and test tools in the industry to address virtually all types of mA loop testing. The Fluke 773 mA clampmeter mA clampmeter can measure 4 to mA signals without breaking the loop and has a mA loop and V dc source built in.

The Fluke 705 & 707 loop calibrators are high performance solutions for calibration, repair and maintenance of current loops. The new "Quick Click" knob making it extremely fast and easy to use. The 707Ex is an intrinsically safe version of the 707 for use in explosion endangered areas. The Fluke 707Ex is certified in accordance with the ATEX directive in Zones 1 and 2.

The Fluke 715 Volt/ mA Calibrator delivers outstanding performance, durability and reliability. Offered in the rugged Fluke 80 Series DMM package, the calibrator is compact, lightweight, and easy to carry. With a push button interface similar to the multifunction Fluke 750 Series Documenting Process Calibrators, the 715 is easy to use. It is EMI tolerant, dust and splash resistant, and features a removable battery door for quick battery changes.

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Model Loop Calibrator Process Milliamp Clamp Meter
705 707/707Ex 715 771 772 773
V dc 28 V 28 V 25 V     30 V
A dc 24 mA 24 mA 24 mA 99.9 mA 99.9 mA 99.9 mA
Source / Simulate
V dc     20 V     10 V
mA dc/% scale 24 mA 24 mA 24 mA 24 mA 24 mA 24 mA
mA source; auto step, auto ramp  
24 V loop supply  
Intrinsically safe (ATEX)   707Ex        
Traceable certification      
Accessories* C C A/B  
* Accessories: A. Compatible with LockPak | B. Compatible with ToolPak | C. Accepts hanging straps from ToolPak