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Preventive Equipment Maintenance Systems


The preventive maintenance systems at Transcat feature professional tools that are designed to withstand your diverse applications and demanding conditions. You’ll find a range of detection, testing, and support products from industry leaders, such as Monarch Instrument, AEMC, Amprobe, Control Company, Fluke, and Extech. We’re your source for vibration meters that test the condition of equipment, machines and components. You’ll also find corded or cordless lights and lamps for industrial work environments. Our tachometers, timers, light meters, and sound meters deliver precision results that support your business. Critical leak detection products from industry leaders are also found here!


Equipment for Preventive Maintenance and Detection


Conduct routine evaluations and prepare spaces with right preventive equipment on your side. Safety and quality will be front and center when you select products from these categories:


Leak Detectors – pressure, vacuum and electrical leakage identification and maintenance

Lights & Accessories – flashlights, work lights, headlamps, bench lights, and lanterns

Strobes & Tachometers – LCD stroboscopes and kits, plus laser, photo and pocket tachometers

Timers – LCD stopwatch, traceable clocks, countdown controllers, and universal timers

Vibration Meters – vibration meters, testers, and loggers

Static Control – mats, sprays, and surface treatments to eliminate static

Light and Sound Measurement – heavy duty light meters, data logging sound meters, fluorescent testers, and sound level calibrators

Publications – electrical and plumbing reference books, plus metrology handbooks

Laser Measurement – laser detectors, alignment tools, and levels


Detection to Reduce Downtime


Our extensive preventive maintenance selection means you can shop for an AEMC light meter with a removable sensor, a high accuracy Dimco-Gray-Gralab timer, or an Amprobe ultrasonic leak detector. We also have your specialized maintenance products, including anti-static solutions from ACL.


Buy Calibrated Preventive Maintenance Equipment Only from Transcat


Because Transcat operates dozens of ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration Labs across the United States and Canada, we are uniquely positioned to offer new instrument calibration services on most of the items we distribute.  If your quality system requires that your instruments have a valid calibration certificate always, take advantage of our preventive maintenance calibration capabilities so that your instrument arrives ready to be put into use. 


Transcat is your partner in maintaining equipment and environments. Start a Live Chat with us now, or call 800.828.1470 with your questions. 

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