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Electronic Loads

Electronic Loads

Testing with Electronic Loads


We offer devices that provide wide-ranging AC, DC, and AC/DC electronic load capabilities to meet a variety of telecommunications, manufacturing, utility, and other applications. Our models accurately simulate the operational load that equipment – such as a power supply, UPS, or generator – will be exposed to during your application. Our selection includes programmable electronic loads, load banks, and load mainframe/module systems. You will find rack or portable designs, plus field testing models, built by the industry’s top manufacturers. Take a look at our Eagle Eye Power Solutions, Keysight Technologies, and B&K Precision units that can confirm power source validity efficiently.


Programmable Electronic Loads and More


Electronic loads, load banks and load systems support testing and performance-defining requirements, but each comes with unique power specifications, operating ranges and overage protection. Some models offer features such as triggering, monitoring and report generation. Our models can be categorized as:


Programmable – offer operational flexibility via interface or computer and use application software

Banks – useful in acceptance and discharge testing, plus battery tests and maintenance

Mainframes/Modules – products for configuring an efficient testing system

Field Units – portable, compact devices for service in a range of environments


The Best Electronic Loads


B&K Precision’s 8500 programmable DC Electronic Loads test and evaluate the performance of power sources. They offer operating ranges up to 500 V, along with constant current, voltage, resistance and power modes. Keysight Technologies N3300A Series of electronic load modules can be configured into slots on the load mainframe. Parallel operation of modules allows for high-current power supply evaluations. Eagle Eye offers a line of reliable AC Load Banks for checking three-phase generators and inverters in the field.


Find your new AC or DC electronic load at Transcat. For additional information, chat with us live, or call 800.828.1470 today.

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