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Gauge Comparators

Gauge Comparators


Pressure Gauge Calibration Standards


Transcat provides the equipment to serve as bench or field Pressure Gauge Calibration Standards. We offer gauge comparators, pump kits, and generation/testing sets to precisely calibrate pressure gauges, valves, transmitters, switches and sensors. Our gauge comparators are available in sets with a pump and manifold that allow for simultaneous connections of a test gauge and device under test. We’re your source for the top pressure calibration equipment, such as Ashcroft and Crystal Engineering comparators, Fluke reference gauges, Ralston Instruments test pumps, and other premier products.


The Right Pressure Calibration Solutions


What type of pressure gauge calibration equipment do you need? Determine if your equipment will be used in the field or a lab and check that accuracy specifications are sufficient for applications. Components should suit your DUT’s pressure measurement type, range and media. Depending upon the equipment, additional considerations include:


  • Maximum pressure generation
  • Vacuum ranges
  • Operating media (oil, water…)
  • Materials, dimensions and connections
  • Automated functionality


Pressure Generation and Testing Systems


The Crystal Engineering GaugecalHP pressure comparator is an ideal tool for calibrating low cost gauges that aren’t as strictly regulated by compliance standards. It works much faster than a deadweight tester and its portable, self-contained design allows for field or lab calibration.  Ralston Instruments makes a hand pump with 300 psi generation that allows for rapid, tool-free test gauge changes. A Yokogawa CA700 Pressure Calibrator Gauge delivers superior accuracy in the portable class. It is an automated unit with embedded processes for calibrating pressure transmitters and switches.


How to Calibrate a Pressure Gauge with a Gauge Comparator


Here is an interactive webinar from Transcat and Fluke Calibration that presents a step by step guide to the pre-test, testing, and post-test process for pressure gauge calibration, and ends with an overview of the types of calibration equipment needed for various measurement applications. See the presentation, transcript, slides and Q&A here: How to Calibrate a Pressure Gauge Using a Pressure Comparator


Buy Calibrated Gauge Comparators Only From Transcat


Because Transcat operates dozens of ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration Labs across the United States and Canada, we are uniquely positioned to offer new instrument calibration services on most of the items we distribute.  If your quality system requires that your instruments have a valid calibration certificate at all times, take advantage of our calibration services for gauge comparators so that your instrument arrives ready to be put into use.


Chat with us or contact a Transcat representative to learn more about our pressure calibration systems. 

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  1. Ashcroft 1327CMSX

    Gauge Comparator,No Gauges Standard Oil Use

    Order #: 1327CMSX

    Mfg #: 1327CMSX

    Ships in 4-6 weeks

    $2,856.16 USD
  2. Fluke Calibration 700HPPK-NPT

    High Pressure Pneumatic Pump / Comparator, 3000psi, NPT

    Order #: 700HPPK-NPT

    Mfg #: 700HPPK-NPT

    In stock

    $3,800.00 USD
  3. Crystal Engineering GAUGECALHP

    GaugecalHP Pressure Comparator

    Order #: GAUGECALHP


    In stock

    $3,820.00 USD

    $3,705.40 USD

  4. Fluke Calibration 2700G-G20M/C

    Reference Gauge, 0 to 3000PSI with Accredited Calibration

    Order #: 2700G-G20M/C

    Mfg #: 2700G-G20M/C

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $1,650.00 USD
  5. Fluke Calibration 2700G-G70M/C

    Reference Gauge, 0 to 10,000PSI with Accredited Calibration

    Order #: 2700G-G70M/C

    Mfg #: 2700G-G70M/C

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $1,650.00 USD
  6. Fluke Calibration 2700G-G35M/C

    Reference Gauge, 0 to 5000PSI with Accredited Calibration

    Order #: 2700G-G35M/C

    Mfg #: 2700G-G35M/C

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $1,650.00 USD
  7. PIE GI0050

    0 to 50PSI/3.4bar Gauge, Isolated

    Order #: PIE GI0050

    Mfg #: PIE GI0050

    Call for Availability

    $1,250.00 USD
  8. PIE GI1000

    0 to 1000PSI/69bar Gauge, Isolated

    Order #: PIE GI1000

    Mfg #: PIE GI1000

    Call for Availability

    $1,250.00 USD
  9. PIE GI3000

    0 to 3000PSI/206.8bar Gauge, Isolated

    Order #: PIE GI3000

    Mfg #: PIE GI3000

    Call for Availability

    $1,250.00 USD
  10. Ralston Instruments 22988P

    One Gauge Pump Kit,300PSI

    Order #: 22992P-300P

    Mfg #: 22992P-300P

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $644.85 USD

    $625.50 USD

  11. Ralston Instruments QSCM-2FSA-20-2

    QSCM Manifold,1/4"FNPT Gauge Adaptor,20ft,2ft Hoses,Bag

    Order #: QSCM-2FSA-20-2

    Mfg #: QSCM-2FSA-20-2

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $720.90 USD

    $699.27 USD

  12. Ashcroft 1327CMS-ABC

    Gauge Comparator, Standard-Oil w/3 Gauges(30/100/500PSI)

    Order #: 1327CMS-ABC

    Mfg #: 1327CMS-ABC

    Ships in 4-6 weeks

    $8,066.91 USD
  13. Ashcroft 1327CMSC

    Precision Gauge Comparator w/500PSI Gauge

    Order #: 1327CMSC

    Mfg #: 1327CMSC

    Ships in 4-6 weeks

    $4,533.65 USD
  14. 6" Oil Service Gauge, 1000psig Temp.Comp., 1/4nptM Bottom Conn

    6" Oil Service Gauge, 1000psig Temp.Comp., 1/4nptM Bottom Conn

    Order #: 1327CMSD

    Mfg #: 1327CMSD

    Ships in 4-6 weeks

    $4,533.00 USD
  15. Ashcroft 1327CMSE

    Prec.Gauge Comparator w/1 6"Gge 5K PSI,Std.Oil,1/4"NPTM Btm.Mnt

    Order #: 1327CMSE-1

    Mfg #: 1327CMSE

    Ships in 4-6 weeks

    $4,533.65 USD
  16. Ashcroft 1327D

    Pressure Gauge Comparator (Oil Service Pump)

    Order #: 1327D

    Mfg #: 1327D

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $2,750.33 USD
  17. Ametek - M&G T-3

    Hydraulc.Comparator,0-160,0-600 0-5000,0-10KPSI,0.250%FS

    Order #: T-3

    Mfg #: T-3

    Ships in 3-4 weeks

    $7,019.00 USD
  18. Ametek - M&G T-3A

    Gauge Comparator 0-30,600,3000, & 5000PSIG

    Order #: T-3A

    Mfg #: T-3A

    Ships in 3-4 weeks

    $6,814.00 USD
  19. Ashcroft 1327DG-100

    Gauge Comparator 0-150, 0-600, 5-5000, 0-10000PSI (0.25%)

    Order #: 7120P-100

    Mfg #: 1327DG-100

    In stock

    $4,774.83 USD
  20. Ashcroft 1327DG-50

    Gauge Comparator 0-150, 0-600 AND 0-5000PSI (0/25%)

    Order #: 7120P-50

    Mfg #: 1327DG-50

    Product is currently not available

    $3,900.98 USD
  21. Ashcroft 1327DAG-60000

    Gauge Comparator,0-1000,0-4000, 0-25000,0-60000kPa

    Order #: 7128P-600

    Mfg #: 1327DAG-60000

    In stock

    $5,010.59 USD
  22. DH-Budenberg / Mensor CPP1200X-17000PSI-HYD

    Hydraulic Test Pump,0 to 17000 PSI

    Order #: CPP1200X-17000PSI-HYD

    Mfg #: CPP1200X-17000PSI-HYD

    Ships in 1-2 weeks

    $2,539.00 USD
  23. DH-Budenberg / Mensor CPP1200X-17000PSIW

    Hydraulic Test Pump 0 to17000 PSI for use with Water

    Order #: CPP1200X-17000PSIW

    Mfg #: CPP1200X-17000PSIW

    Product is currently not available

    $3,155.00 USD
  24. Crystal Engineering CRYSTALCALHP

    Automated Gauge Calibration System (pressure stds. extra)



    Ships in 3-4 weeks

    $6,165.00 USD

    $5,980.05 USD

  25. PIE GI0015

    0 to 15PSI/1bar Gauge Isolated

    Order #: PIE GI0015

    Mfg #: PIE GI0015

    Ships in 1-2 weeks

    $1,250.00 USD

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