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Fluke Calibration P3000 Pneumatic Deadweight Testers

The P3000 Series is the culmination of over 50 years experience in the production and design of primary pressure standards. With features designed to improve accuracy and performance, increase reliability and simplify operation these deadweight testers can be used to calibrate virtually any pressure sensing device, including transducers, transmitters, gauges or pressure switches.

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P3000 Series Vacuum and Dual Vacuum/Pressure Models

The combined vacuum/pressure models are extremely versatile instruments providing vacuum through 500 psi (35 bar) capacity in one unit. For added expansion, an additional low range piston/weight set can be provided for pressures to 800 inH2O (2 000 mbar). An optional built-in hand pump can be installed to generate vacuum (90%) through 300 psi.

P3000 Series Liquid Lubricated Gas Operated Models

The Models P3031 and P3032 feature an oil lubricated piston/cylinder assembly, which ensures that the instrument is less susceptible to performance issues caused by contamination of the gas supply or the environment in which the unit is being operated.

Accuracy* ±0.015% of reading (±0.008% optional)
*Accuracy based on % of reading from 10% to 100% of the piston range when used in accordance with the corrections found on the calibration certificate. Below 10% ± (accuracy class) x 10% of the piston range.
Mass and PCU Materials of Construction
Standard weight material Series 3 non-magnetic austenitic stainless steel
Weight density 7.8 g/cm³
Optional fractional weights Solution heat treated aluminum
Weight density 2.7 g/cm³
Models P3011, P3012, P3013, P3022, P3023, P3025 (V) Piston Material:                   Ceramic
Cylinder Material:                Martensitic steel
Coefficient of Expansion:     11 ppm/°C
Models P3014, P3015, P3025 (P) P3031, P3032 (P & V) Piston Material:                   Tungsten carbide
Cylinder Material:                Martensitic steel
Coefficient of Expansion:     16.5 ppm/°C
Model P3016 Piston Material:                  Tungsten carbide
Cylinder Material:               Tungsten carbide
Coefficient of Expansion:     11 ppm/°C
Test port adaptors 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 and ½ NPT or BSP
Instrument weight 24 lbs
Instrument size 17.5 W x 12 D x 8.5 H
Mass set weight (typical) 65 lbs
Minimum Standard Weight Increments
P3012, P3022 Pressure 1 inH2O, (5 mbar)
P3013, P3023 Pressure 2 inH2O, (10 mbar)
P3014, P3015, P3025 Pressure 1 psi, (0.1bar)
P3016, P3031, P3032 1 psi, (0.1bar)
P3011, P3022, P3023, P3025 Vacuum 0.2 inHg (10 mbar)
Optional Fractional Weights
P3014, P3015, P3025 Pressure 0.1 psi (0.01 bar)
Built-in Hand Pumps
Pressure mode Max pressure 300 psi (20 bar)
Vacuum mode To 90% vacuum
Operating Fluid for Liquid Lubricated Models
55-655 mineral oil (standard)
Krytox for oxygen-safe applications (optional)
PressCal Software Windows-based software program that allows users to easily apply all necessary corrections to enhance the deadweight tester performance. Calibration details are then stored and/or used to automatically create a calibration certificate. PressCal is provided as standard with all 0.008% instruments.
Krytox As operating fluid for liquid lubricated gas operated models.

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Seal Kit for Model P3020 Series Gas Deadweight Tester

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Fluke - Pressurements P3012-INH20-P Fluke - Pressurements P3012-INH20-P

Single Pressure Deadweight Tester, 400 Inh20

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Gas Operated Deadweight Tester 1000Mbar with Pump

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Fluke - Pressurements P3013-INH2O-P Fluke - Pressurements P3013-INH2O-P

Gas Operated Deadweight Tester 800" H2O with Pump

Order #: P3013-INH2O-P

Ships in 3-4 weeks

$9,750.00 USD
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Fluke - Pressurements P3014-BAR-P Fluke - Pressurements P3014-BAR-P

Gas Operated Deadweight Tester 10Bar with Pump

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Fluke - Pressurements P3014-PSI-P Fluke - Pressurements P3014-PSI-P

Gas Operated Deadweight Tester 150Psi with Pump

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Fluke - Pressurements P3012-KPA-P Fluke - Pressurements P3012-KPA-P

Single Pressure Deadweight Tester, 1.5 to 100 Kpa

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Ships in 3-4 weeks

$9,750.00 USD
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Fluke - Pressurements P3013-KPA-P Fluke - Pressurements P3013-KPA-P

Single Pressure Deadweight Tester, 3 to 200 Kpa

Order #: P3013-KPA-P

Ships in 3-4 weeks

$9,750.00 USD
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Overview :

Product Highlights

  • Pressure ranges from vacuum through 2 000 psi (140 bar)
  • Accuracy better than .015 % of reading. (Increased accuracy option of 0.008 %)
  • Gas operated with optional hand pumps
  • Dual vacuum/pressure models available
  • Psi, bar, kgf/cm2, kPa and MPa ranges available
  • Piston/cylinder design provides stability and repeatability
  • Built-in pneumatic hand pumps for pressure and vacuum
  • Piston flotation indicator
  • High quality needle valves provide optimum control
  • Mounted spirit level and adjustable feet
  • Test station design with O-rings eliminates the need for PTFE tape or wrenches
  • Improved case with springloaded latches for hood
  • Sturdy weight box with hinged lid and side handles for easy transport

Accessories :