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Dwyer Instruments 3HBAV0712

3-Way Detach. Elec. Ball Valve Cv value 44.7,2"npt,120v,float.

Order #: 3HBAV0712

Mfg Part #: 3HBAV0712

$248.00 USD

$240.56 USD


This product is currently not available.

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Dwyer Instruments 3HBAV0212 Dwyer Instruments 3HBAV0212

3Way Detachable Electric Ball V Cv 4.5,1/2"npt,120vac,floating

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Dwyer Instruments 3HBAV0214 Dwyer Instruments 3HBAV0214

3-Way Detachable Electric Ball Cv 4.5,1/2"npt,24vac,floating

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Dwyer Instruments 3HBAV0312 Dwyer Instruments 3HBAV0312

3-Way Detachable Electric Ball Cv 7, 3/4" npt, 120vac,floating

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Dwyer Instruments 3HBAV0314 Dwyer Instruments 3HBAV0314

3-Way Detachable Electric Ball Cv 7.0, 3/4"npt, 24vac,floating

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Dwyer Instruments 3HBAV0412 Dwyer Instruments 3HBAV0412

3-Way Detachable Electric Ball Cv 11.2,1"npt,120vac,floating

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Dwyer Instruments 3HBAV0414 Dwyer Instruments 3HBAV0414

3-Way Detachable Electric Ball Cv 11.2,1"npt,24vac,floating

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Dwyer Instruments 3HBAV0224 Dwyer Instruments 3HBAV0224

3-Way Detachable Electric Ball Cv 4.5,1/2"npt,24 vac,modul.

Order #: 3HBAV0224

$139.00 USD

$134.83 USD

Dwyer Instruments 3HBAV0324 Dwyer Instruments 3HBAV0324

3-Way Detachable Electric Ball Cv 7.0, 1" npt, 24vac, modul.

Order #: 3HBAV0324

$144.00 USD

$139.68 USD

Dwyer Instruments 3HBAV0424 Dwyer Instruments 3HBAV0424

3-Way Detachable Electric Ball Cv 11.2,1"npt,24vac,modul.

Order #: 3HBAV0424

$170.00 USD

$164.90 USD

Dwyer Instruments 3HBAV0512 Dwyer Instruments 3HBAV0512

3-Way Detachable Electric Ball Cv 17.9,1-1/4"npt,120v,floating

Order #: 3HBAV0512

$171.00 USD

$165.87 USD

Overview :

Product Highlights

  • Three-Way detachable electric ball valve, Cv value 44.7, 2" npt, 120 vac, floating Manual override, Detachable actuator, High Cv values