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Transcat's Application & Resource Center

request a transcat calibration service quick quoteLet our metrology experts support you in more ways than just providing excellent calibration and consulting services. Please take some time to view and read our calibration resources. We continue to develop additional pieces that are pertinent to our customers. If you have a topic suggestion that you would like to know more about, please let us know

Featured Calibration Resources

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Evaluating Out of Tolerance Instruments
- by Phil Mistretta

Unknown Units - by Howard Zion

Limited Calibration...It's Not a Dirty Word!
- by Phil Mistretta

Process Accuracy Ratio vs. Process Uncertainty Ratio
- by Jeremy Sims

Producing Valid Results
– by Phil Mistretta

Suitability of Instruments
– by Howard Zion

PCS – What Does This Term on My Report Mean
– by Howard Zion

Benefits of PCS
– by Howard Zion

Measurement Out of Context
– by Howard Zion

17025 Accreditation
- by Keith Bennett

It’s Calibrated…Now What?
- by Jeremy Sims, Phil Mistretta, Howard Zion

What is Measurement Traceability?
- by Howard Zion

US Quality Gets a Boost from ILAC
- by Howard Zion

As-Found Out-of-Tolerance… Now what?
- by Phil Mistretta

Featured Webinar

Measurement Risk on your Processes

Presented by: Transcat's Director of Service Application Engineering, Howard Zion

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Technical Resources & Reference Materials

Transcat makes every effort to provide complete, up-to-date reference materials regarding the various industries we serve. Browse through our wide selection of application notes, formulas, and more! We encourage our customers to take advantage of these valuable resources.

Featured White Paper

"Measurement Uncertainty (in a Nutshell) FAQ"

This white paper takes one frequently asked question, "What is Uncertainty" and breaks it down for everyone
to understand, using examples from real life such as making cookies, traveling and budgeting.

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Additional Reference Sources

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Featured Webinar

Differential Pressure Meter Gas Custody Transfer Calibration
Join us as Joel Hartel of Fluke Corporation covers the information about test tools that technicians and measurement managers need to consider in order to successfully calibrate differential pressure gas custody transfer meters. Specific topics include:

Why Calibration Matters in Custody Transfer

  • Differential Pressure (D/P) vs. Ultrasonic
Test Tools Considerations
  • Pressure Calibration Test Tools
  • Temperature Calibration Test Tools
  • % Full Scale vs. % Reading + Floor
Curriculum Topics
  • UUT Considerations
  • High Pressure Test Considerations
  • Process Overview

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