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Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging

Transcat is an industry-leading supplier of thermal imagers and infrared cameras for every application, ranging from building or HVAC diagnostics and spot temperature measurement to complex and operation-critical industrial preventative maintenance and energy loss analysis. Our featured thermal imaging brands, Fluke, Keysight/Agilent, and FLIR, continue to expand their diverse range of product offerings with new and innovative cameras at every price level. Some of our most popular infrared cameras include FLIR's E-series, featuring the affordable and powerful FLIR E4, and Fluke's TI-series, including the TI32 industrial thermal imager.


Selecting a Thermal Imaging Camera

Selecting the right infrared camera is primarily based on your application. Thermal or infrared resolution is one of the most critical camera specifications, and is typically presented as the number of display pixels in the form of a function (ex. 320 x 240), or total number (ex. 76,800). With other factors held constant, the higher the resolution, the greater the detail and clarity of an image. High-resolution thermal cameras are often required as part of critical industrial preventative maintenance programs, where accurate measurements and slight changes to operational temperature are extremely important. Users with less-stringent measurement requirements often select lower-resolution, lower-cost cameras. Other operational specifications to consider are thermal sensitivity and measurement accuracy, frame refresh rate, data storage, and, of course, temperature measurement range. Lastly, many thermal imaging cameras now connect to mobile devices and store or share data wirelessly, offer touchscreen displays, feature 180° lens rotation, or visual image & thermal overlay integration. Prioritizing these and other features is essential to selecting the right thermal camera for your budget.


Popular Fluke & FLIR Infrared Cameras 

Many customers use their cameras infrequently or for single applications, often to spot check for potential problems such as energy loss or mechanical wear. In this case, ease of use and affordability are some of the key features you should look for in a new camera. FLIR's new C2 pocket imager offers an extremely portable yet powerful solution that fits in your pocket, while Fluke's TI90 offers a higher temperature range but less portability. Other users require more advanced applications, frequent use, and a dynamic set of features. Fluke's TI400 was developed with advanced features for maintenance professionals, and offers an increased 60Hz refresh rate along with wireless connectivity. The FLIR E60 offers similar image clarity and functionality. For expert applications and thermography professionals, the FLIR T-series and Fluke TiX-series offer state-of-the-art features, the highest resolution, and ergonomic designs.


For more information on selecting the right infrared camera, speak with Transcat's technical support team. We're available via the online chat button, at 800.828.1470, sales@transcat.com, or our contact us form.


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  1. FLIR T199366AAC

    Rechargeable Battery

    Order #: T199366AAC

    Mfg #: T199366AAC

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $150.00 USD
  2. FLIR TG130

    Spot Thermal Camera 80x60 Resolution

    Order #: TG130

    Mfg #: 74401-0104

    In stock

    $199.99 USD
  3. FLIR E75

    Advanced Thermal Camera 320x240 with MSX, 24 deg

    Order #: E75

    Mfg #: 78502-0101

    In stock

    $6,999.00 USD
  4. FLIR E85

    Advanced Thermal Camera 384x288 with MSX, 24 deg

    Order #: E85

    Mfg #: 78502-0201

    In stock

    $8,499.00 USD
  5. FLIR E95

    Advanced Thermal Camera 464x348 with MSX, 24 deg

    Order #: E95

    Mfg #: 78502-0301

    In stock

    $9,999.00 USD
  6. FLIR C3

    Compact Thermal Imager,80x60 Touch Screen,Wi-Fi,14F-302F

    Order #: FLIRC3

    Mfg #: 72003-0303

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $699.00 USD

    Thermal Imager, 4F to 1202F, 60Hz with NIST Certificate

    Order #: T440BX-NIST

    Mfg #: 62103-1702

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $12,795.00 USD
  8. Fluke CV400

    4" IR Window,Hand Turn Door Latch

    Order #: CV400

    Mfg #: FLUKE-CV400

    In stock

    $499.99 USD

    $449.99 USD

  9. FLIR FLIR T420-25

    Thermal Imager 320 x 240 Resolution/60Hz

    Order #: FLIRT420

    Mfg #: 62103-1101

    In stock

    $8,925.00 USD
  10. Fluke TI450

    Thermal Imager; 320x240; 60 HZ MultiSharp Focus; Wireless

    Order #: TI450

    Mfg #: FLK-TI450 60HZ

    In stock

    $8,499.00 USD
  11. FLIR E50 with 15 Degree Lens

    Thermal Imager w/MSX Kit w/Std.& 15deg Lens w/Case

    Order #: FLIRE50-KIT-15

    Mfg #: 64501-0201-KIT-15

    Call for Availability

    $7,320.00 USD
  12. FLIR IRW-3C

    InfraRed Window 3"(O.D. 3.9"/99mm)

    Order #: IRW-3C

    Mfg #: 19251-100

    Call for Availability

    $299.99 USD
  13. Fluke TIX520 60HZ

    Thermal Imager,320x240,60Hz

    Order #: TIX520 60HZ

    Mfg #: FLK-TIX520 60HZ

    In stock

    $11,995.00 USD
  14. FLIR E60

    Thermal Imaging IR Camera 320 x 240 Resolution/60Hz

    Order #: FLIRE60

    Mfg #: 64501-0302

    In stock

    $4,999.00 USD
  15. Fluke TIX560 60HZ

    Thermal Imager,320x240,60Hz,IS

    Order #: TIX560 60HZ

    Mfg #: FLK-TIX560 60HZ

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $14,499.00 USD
  16. FLIR E40

    Thermal Imaging IR Camera 160 x120 Resolution/60Hz

    Order #: FLIRE40

    Mfg #: 64501-0101

    Ships in 1-2 weeks

    $3,745.00 USD
  17. FLIR E8

    Thermal Imager 320x240 IR 9hz Resolution,MSX Enhancement

    Order #: FLIRE8

    Mfg #: 63903-0303

    In stock

    $2,999.00 USD
  18. FLIR FLIR T620-25

    IR Camera 640 x 480 Resolution/30Hz w/25deg Lens

    Order #: FLIRT620-25

    Mfg #: 55903-5122

    Call for Availability

    $21,495.00 USD
  19. CorDEX TC7000

    Instrinsically Safe Thermal Imager 9hz

    Order #: TC7000

    Mfg #: TC7000

    In stock

    $8,495.00 USD

    $8,070.25 USD

  20. FLIR 76005-0505

    Aerial Utility Kit R (30Hz) Thermal Imager Drone

    Order #: 76005-0505

    Mfg #: 76005-0505

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $15,600.00 USD
  21. FLIR T460BX-15

    Infrared Camera with 15deg lens

    Order #: T460BX-15

    Mfg #: 62104-2801-KIT-15

    Ships in 4-6 weeks

    $15,275.00 USD
  22. FLIR FLIR T600-25

    FLIR T600 IR Camera 480 x 360 Resolution/30Hz w/25deg Lens

    Order #: FLIRT600-25

    Mfg #: 55903-1022

    Ships in 1-2 weeks

    $16,595.00 USD
  23. FLIR E4

    Thermal Imager 80x60 IR 9HZ Resolution and MSX Enhancement

    Order #: FLIRE4

    Mfg #: 63906-0604

    In stock

    $949.00 USD
  24. Fluke TI400 60HZ

    Professional 320X240 Thermal Imager w Wireless Connect 60HZ

    Order #: TI400

    Mfg #: FLK-TI400 60HZ

    In stock

    $7,799.00 USD
  25. FLIR E50

    Thermal Imaging IR Camera 240 x 180 Resolution/60Hz

    Order #: FLIRE50

    Mfg #: 64501-0201

    In stock

    $5,995.00 USD

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Items 1-25 of 292

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