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Hand Pumps for Pressure Generation & Calibration


Use the best hand pumps and pump kits for generating pneumatic, hydraulic, and vacuum pressure during your calibration and testing applications. Our products include hand-operated, hydraulic generators that are suitable for a range of liquids. We also offer high- to low-pressure pneumatic pumps that generate air pressure in various bar/psi outputs. Our precision pumps are manufactured by Fluke, Additel, Ametek and Ralston Instruments  . You’ll find portable pressure sources with highly accurate adjustment capabilities. Also discover revolutionary products, such as a GE-Druck device that does the job of four handheld pressure pumps: hydraulic, pneumatic, vacuum and low H2O.


Calibration Hand Pump Capabilities


Our versatile calibration hand pumps include lightweight pressure sources for field use. Many models can efficiently control generated pressure through coarse-to-fine adjustment options. When ordering pumps, key specifications to review include:


  • Media compatibility
  • Output pressure range
  • Types of connectors
  • Size/weight of portable pumps
  • Venting and pressure adjustment


In the case of hand pumps for field calibration, additional considerations involve construction durability, time needed to generate max pressure, and liquid reservoir capacity. Models with advanced features, such as vernier valves, will allow for precise pressure control.


Premier Names in Pressure Generation


Perform quick gauge changes without a wrench using a Ralston HPGV-0000 pump that combines multiple components: an HPGV assembly pump, gauge adapter, hose, and hose adapter. A Fluke 700PTPK pneumatic testing kit works in sync with the brand’s 700G gauges to deliver fast, accurate results. Ametek’s pump line takes you from a small pneumatic model to a hydraulic unit that generates up to 15,000 psi. GE-Druck pneumatic pumps provide one-button switching between vacuum and pressure, while a Beamex PG300V calibration pump comes with volume control for pressure fine-tuning.


Select your precise pressure source now. For more information, chat live, or call 800.828.1470.

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  1. Fluke 700HTPK2

    Premium Hydraulic Test Pump Kit

    Order #: 700HTPK2

    Mfg #: 700HTPK2

    Ships in 3-4 weeks

    $1,395.00 USD
  2. Fluke Calibration 700HPPK-NPT

    High Pressure Pneumatic Pump / Comparator, 3000psi, NPT

    Order #: 700HPPK-NPT

    Mfg #: 700HPPK-NPT

    Ships in 1-2 weeks

    $3,800.00 USD
  3. Transcat 23622P

    Pneumatic Hand Pump (28"Hg/600PSI)

    Order #: 23622P

    Mfg #: PV211-14-A386

    Call for Availability

    $841.00 USD
  4. Transmation 6215P

    Pressure Pump,0-150 PSI

    Order #: 6215P

    Mfg #: 6215P

    In stock

    $517.00 USD
  5. Fluke 700PTP-1

    Pneumatic Test Pump, -13 to 600PSI

    Order #: 700PTP-1

    Mfg #: FLUKE-700PTP-1

    In stock

    $729.95 USD

    $656.96 USD

  6. Fluke 700HTPK

    Hydraulic Test Pump Kit,0 to 10,000PSI/700bar

    Order #: 700HTPK

    Mfg #: FLUKE-700HTPK

    In stock

    $1,429.95 USD
  7. Transcat 2000PV VIP Kit

    Hand Pump VIP Kit

    Order #: 2000PV-VIP

    Mfg #: 2000PV-VIP

    Call for Availability

    $1,338.00 USD
  8. Ametek - M&G T-1

    Hydraulic Pump,0-15K PSI,H2O/Al 15000 psi

    Order #: T-1

    Mfg #: T-1

    In stock

    $3,530.00 USD
  9. Additel ADT920-N

    Pnuematic Calibration Pump -14 to 3000 psi 1/4NPT F Connector

    Order #: ADT920-N

    Mfg #: ADT920-N

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $3,947.00 USD
  10. Transcat 23614P

    10,000 PSI Hydraulic Pump

    Order #: 23614P

    Mfg #: PV212-22-A387

    In stock

    $1,129.00 USD
  11. Fluke 700PTPK

    Pneumatic Test Pump Kit -12.7 to 600 PSI

    Order #: 700PTPK

    Mfg #: FLUKE-700PTPK

    In stock

    $699.99 USD

    $629.99 USD

  12. Ralston Instruments HPGV-0000

    3000PSI(210bar)HPGV Pump,1/4" NPTF Gauge Swivel,3ft.Hose

    Order #: HPGV-0000

    Mfg #: HPGV-0000

    Ships in 3-4 weeks

    $437.30 USD

    $424.18 USD

  13. Ralston Instruments XHGV-0000

    5000PSI(350bar)XHGV Pump,1/4" NPTF Gauge Swivel,3ft.Hose

    Order #: XHGV-0000

    Mfg #: XHGV-0000

    Ships in 3-4 weeks

    $449.30 USD

    $435.82 USD

  14. Transcat 5860PV

    Pneumatic Hand Pump, -24" Hg to 500 PSI

    Order #: 5860PV

    Mfg #: 5860PV TRANSCAT

    In stock

    $709.00 USD
  15. Fluke 700HTP-2

    Hydraulic Test Pump, 10,000PSI/ 690BAR

    Order #: 700HTP-2

    Mfg #: FLUKE-700HTP-2

    In stock

    $1,099.95 USD
  16. Additel ADT918-N

    Pneumatic Test Pump -14 psi to 1,500 psi

    Order #: ADT918-N

    Mfg #: ADT918-N

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $2,444.00 USD
  17. Ametek - M&G T-975

    Pneumatic Hnd Pump,25"Hg-600PSI (41bar)

    Order #: T-975

    Mfg #: T-975

    In stock

    $675.00 USD
  18. Druck 23622P-KIT

    600 PSI Pneumatic Hand Pump

    Order #: 23622P-KIT

    Mfg #: 23622P-KIT

    Ships in 4-6 weeks

    $802.00 USD
  19. Ralston Instruments NPAK-1MBA-6-3

    Nitrogen Calibration Source

    Order #: NPAK-1MBA-6-3

    Mfg #: NPAK-1MBA-6-3

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $4,381.90 USD

    $4,250.44 USD

  20. Transcat PRESSURE-KIT4

    Pressure Kit for Rosemount Transmitters

    Order #: PRESSURE-KIT4

    Mfg #: PRESSURE-KIT4

    Ships in 4-6 weeks

    $2,733.00 USD
  21. Beamex PG300V

    Calibration Pressure Pump 300 psi

    Order #: 7127P

    Mfg #: PGM 9010000

    In stock

    $1,086.67 USD
  22. Ralston Instruments DP0V-0000

    DP0V(100PSI/7bar)Pump,No Gauge Adapter,3ft.Hose,1/4"NPTM

    Order #: DP0V-0000

    Mfg #: DP0V-0000

    Ships in 3-4 weeks

    $326.40 USD

    $316.61 USD

  23. Fluke 700PTPK2


    Order #: 700PTPK2

    Mfg #: 700PTPK2

    In stock

    $1,295.00 USD
  24. Additel ADT916-N

    Pneumatic Press Test Pump -14 psi to 600 psi

    Order #: ADT916-N

    Mfg #: ADT916-N

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $1,579.00 USD
  25. Ralston Instruments DPPV-2MBA

    DPPV(+125PSI to -23inHg)Pump 1/4"NPTM Gauge Adapter,3ft.Hose

    Order #: DPPV-2MBA

    Mfg #: DPPV-2MBA

    In stock

    $476.10 USD

    $461.82 USD

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Items 1-25 of 424

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