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Power Analyzers

Power Analyzers

Power Quality Meters and Analyzers


Achieve professional power management with the right devices. Transact offers all types of power quality analyzers to monitor and record power parameters. Our multifunctional analyzers deliver a full range of solutions. The instruments report on power demands and harmonic waveforms and monitor/measure most every power parameter. You can ensure accuracy in power quality, energy, and harmonics analysis with products built for all types and sizes of facilities. We offer devices that measure various connection ranges, such as from single-phase 2-wire to three-phase 4-wire systems. Transcat is your premier provider of handheld power analyzers, meters and data loggers from industry trailblazers, such as Hioki, Dranetz, AEMC Instruments and Fluke.


Meters to Capture Power Parameters


Our broad inventory means you can select power quality meters and analyzers based on the required performance, such as: troubleshooting, field surveys, maintenance, consumption studies, and capacity verification. Models are available to provide simultaneous measurements of power and harmonic values, plus error events. When browsing our power quality instruments, consider if you need an analyzer or power meter for a two- or three-channel system. Determine if the device has a specific application, such as the production of motors. Power meter specifications will cover voltage, current and power basic accuracy, as well as measurement frequency bands, data storage, and setup ease. 


Compact Devices for Energy Analysis


Amprobe builds compact devices for performing power quality analysis. They help users efficiently manage maintenance or troubleshoot equipment. A Hioki power quality analyzer kit can provide simultaneous recording of demand values and harmonics. The reliable performance of an Extech single-phase power analyzer delivers watts, power factor or VA, voltage or Hz, and amps via LCD display.


Buy Calibrated Power Quality Analyzers Only from Transcat


Because Transcat operates dozens of ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration Labs across the United States and Canada, we are uniquely positioned to offer new instrument calibration services on most of the items we distribute.  If your quality system requires that your instruments have a valid calibration certificate at all times, take advantage of our power quality analyzer calibration capabilities so that your instrument arrives ready to be put into use.


To learn about the analysis and measurement of power, start a Live Chat, or call us at 800.828.1470 today.


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Fluke 1730 Energy Logger

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  1. Megger MPQ1000

    8 Channel Three phase handheld PQ Analyzer

    Order #: MPQ1000

    Mfg #: MPQ1000

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $7,250.00 USD
  2. Fluke 1750/ET

    Three-Phase Power Quality Recorder w/four 400A Probes

    Order #: 1750/ET

    Mfg #: FLUKE-1750/ET

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $14,999.99 USD
  3. Fluke 435-II

    3-Phase Power Quality and Energy Analyzer

    Order #: 435-II

    Mfg #: FLUKE-435-II

    In stock

    $7,999.99 USD
  4. Dranetz PX5

    PowerXplorer PX5 Package (no CT's included)

    Order #: DBPX108

    Mfg #: DBPX108

    In stock

    $10,750.00 USD
  5. Fluke 43B

    Power Quality/Harmonics Analyzer

    Order #: 43E

    Mfg #: FLUKE-43B/003

    Product is currently not available

    Replaced by: 345

    $3,799.99 USD
  6. Keysight Technologies 6811B

    AC Source/Analyzer,0-300Vrms 375VA,Single-phase,GPIB,RS232

    Order #: 6811B

    Mfg #: 6811B

    Ships in 4-6 weeks

    $7,910.00 USD
  7. Fluke 1750

    Three-Phase Power Quality Recorder

    Order #: FLUKE-1750

    Mfg #: FLUKE-1750

    Product is currently not available

    Replaced by: 1750/ET

    $14,599.99 USD
  8. Dranetz HDPQ XPLORER 30/300/3000A FLEX

    Xplr 30/300/3kA FLX 1 3003XLB24 3 ph CT,-1 DRNFX3kXLB24 1 Ph CT



    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $13,086.00 USD
  9. Fluke 434-II

    Three-Phase Energy Analyzer

    Order #: 434-II

    Mfg #: FLUKE-434-II

    In stock

    $6,299.99 USD
  10. Fluke 435-II/BASIC

    Three-Phase Power Quality And Energy Analyzer w/o Clamps

    Order #: 435-II/BASIC

    Mfg #: FLUKE-435-II/BASIC

    In stock

    $7,599.99 USD
  11. Fluke 438-II

    Power Quality & Motor Analyzer with Clamps

    Order #: 438-II

    Mfg #: FLUKE-438-II

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $9,999.99 USD
  12. Dranetz POWERVISA 60/600/6000A FLEX

    PowerVisa Package with 3x 60/600/6000A XL Flex CT's

    Order #: DBPVFLEX6K

    Mfg #: DBPVFLEX6K

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $6,995.00 USD
  13. Hioki 3169-21-01/5000

    Power Quality Analyzer Kit 5000A

    Order #: 3169-21-01/5000

    Mfg #: 3169-21-01/5000

    Call for Availability

    $3,795.00 USD
  14. Valhalla Scientific 2105

    Power Analyzer

    Order #: 2105

    Mfg #: 2105

    In stock

    $4,013.30 USD
  15. Extech 380820

    Universal Power Source Analyzer

    Order #: 380820

    Mfg #: 380820

    In stock

    $1,079.00 USD

    $949.52 USD

  16. Amprobe DM-5

    Power Quality Analyzer

    Order #: DM-5

    Mfg #: DM-5

    Ships in 1-2 weeks

    $4,495.95 USD

    $3,506.84 USD

  17. Extech PQ3350-3

    3000A 3-Phase Power & Harmonics Analyzer Kit

    Order #: PQ3350-3

    Mfg #: PQ3350-3

    Ships in 1-2 weeks

    $3,699.00 USD

    $3,255.12 USD

  18. Hioki 3197

    Power Quality Analyzer, 3-Phase 4-Wire

    Order #: 3197

    Mfg #: 3197

    Ships in 1-2 weeks

    $2,595.00 USD
  19. AEMC 8230 W/MN193-BK

    PowerPad Jr. PQ Analyzer with MN193-BK (5A/100A)

    Order #: 8230 W/MN193-BK

    Mfg #: 2130.87

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $1,909.00 USD

    $1,813.55 USD

  20. Keysight Technologies E4412A

    CW Power Sensor,10MHz to 18GHz -70 to +20dBm

    Order #: E4412A

    Mfg #: E4412A

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $1,777.00 USD
  21. AEMC 8220 W/MN193-BK

    Power Quality Meter with MN193-BK (5A/100A)

    Order #: 8220 W/MN193-BK

    Mfg #: 2130.96

    Ships in 1-2 weeks

    $1,193.00 USD

    $1,133.35 USD

  22. Ideal Industries 61-807

    Power Quality Analyzer With 100A Clamps

    Order #: 61-807

    Mfg #: 61-807

    Product is currently not available

    $7,286.47 USD

    $6,193.50 USD

  23. AEMC DPU414-30B

    Printer w/AC Power Supply, 5 rolls/Paper,RechargeableBattery

    Order #: DPU414-30B

    Mfg #: 2140.21

    In stock

    $649.00 USD

    $616.55 USD

  24. Keysight Technologies N1913A

    Power meter - Average, single channel

    Order #: N1913A

    Mfg #: N1913A

    Ships in 4-6 weeks

    $4,675.00 USD
  25. Hioki PW3198-01/1000 PRO

    Power Quality Analyzer (Custom 1000A Kit)

    Order #: PW3198-01/1000 PRO

    Mfg #: PW3198-01/1000 PRO

    Ships in 1-2 weeks

    $9,060.00 USD

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Items 1-25 of 214

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