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Calibration Labels

Calibration Labels

Find the exact calibration label that meets identification or inspection needs. We offer labels in a range of legends, colors, shapes, sizes and materials. Our testing stickers and labels include products with a write-on surface and permanent adhesive backing. Labels are a convenient way to display calibration due dates, ID numbers and other information. The date that a calibration was performed can be recorded right on the instrument’s sticker. Our products with clear covers keep written details visible to operators even in humid or challenging environments. At Transcat, you can order labels in packages or rolls for field, industrial and laboratory use.


Record Critical Data on Calibration Stickers


Critical information is displayed on calibration stickers that support your quality control program. You can inform users of when calibration equipment accuracy was last verified and who performed the testing. Stickers also provide an additional reminder of testing due dates. In addition to calibration information labels, we provide specialized labeling products, such as:


  • Testing stickers – note test dates and the tester’s name
  • Warning labels – alert operators to equipment that requires testing
  • Inspection stickers – show an “accepted” or “rejected” status
  • Miniature labels – use on compact instruments


Labels for Compliance and Quality Control


Our labels coordinate perfectly with your calibration service documentation. Mouser Electronics leads our product lineup with commercial labels for clearly displaying device, inspection and calibration information. We also offer Transcat brand labels in colors such as red, green or black, so you can set up a color-coded, labeling system. With an array of sizes and shape in our calibration sticker selection, you’re sure to find the best products for your instrument inventory.


Calibrate with Transcat for Additional Documentation and Consistency


Transcat offers ISO 17025 accredited instrument calibration services across a broad range of measurement disciplines.  Our dozens of calibration laboratories across the United States and Canada offer onsite, pickup and delivery, and mail-in services to fully accommodate your individual tool or your complete instrumentation program.

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  1. Transcat 5353C-G

    Calibration Labels-Green, Self-Laminating, 1 3/4x5/8"

    Order #: 5353C-G

    Mfg #: CUSTOM QCC306-GR (QZ0530GR)

    In stock

    $23.00 USD
  2. Transcat 5353C-B

    Calibration Labels-Black, Self-Laminating, 1 3/4x5/8"

    Order #: 5353C-B

    Mfg #: CUSTOM QCC306-B (QZ0530BK)

    In stock

    $23.00 USD
  3. Transcat 5353C-BL

    Calibration Labels-Blue, Self-Laminating, 1 3/4x5/8"

    Order #: 5353C-BL

    Mfg #: CUSTOM QCC306-BU (QZ0530BU)

    In stock

    $23.00 USD
  4. Transcat 5353C-R

    Calibration Labels-Red, Self-Laminating, 1 3/4x5/8"

    Order #: 5353C-R

    Mfg #: CUSTOM QCC306-RD (QZ0530RD)

    In stock

    $23.00 USD
  5. Transcat 5353C-O

    Calibration Labels-Orange Self-Laminating 1 3/4x5/8"

    Order #: 5353C-O

    Mfg #: CUSTOM QCC306-OR (QZ0530OR)

    In stock

    $23.00 USD
  6. Transcat M5031C

    Calibration Label, 3/4" Round, Red on White

    Order #: M5031C

    Mfg #: M5031C

    In stock

    $35.00 USD
  7. Mouser Electronics MQC205

    Calibration Label,"Calibration" Green

    Order #: 25760CL

    Mfg #: MQC205-GR

    Ships in 1-2 weeks

    $35.94 USD
  8. Mouser Electronics QUP12-GREEN

    Wrap-Up Calibration Labels, Green, (Pk/120)

    Order #: 5356C-G

    Mfg #: QUP12-GR

    Ships in 1-2 weeks

    $35.63 USD
  9. Mouser Electronics QCC310-G

    Coverall Miniature Labels Green, 1 X 5/8" (Pk/130)

    Order #: 5354C-G

    Mfg #: QCC311-GR

    Ships in 1-2 weeks

    $36.14 USD
  10. Mouser Electronics QC148

    "Tested" Label, Green

    Order #: QC148R

    Mfg #: QC148

    In stock

    $40.28 USD

    $30.21 USD

  11. Mouser Electronics 5355C

    Transcat Circular Labels 5/8" Diameter (Pk/200)

    Order #: 5355C

    Mfg #: QCC359

    Ships in 1-2 weeks

    $34.48 USD
  12. Mouser Electronics QUP3-GR

    Wrap-Up Calibration Labels, Green

    Order #: QUP3-GR

    Mfg #: QUP3-GR

    Ships in 1-2 weeks

    $31.90 USD
  13. Mouser Electronics QCC310-BL

    Coverall Miniature Labels Blue, 1 X 5/8" (Pk/130)

    Order #: 5354C-BL

    Mfg #: QCC311-BU

    Ships in 1-2 weeks

    $36.14 USD
  14. Mouser Electronics QCC310-B

    Coverall Miniature Labels Black, 1 X 5/8" (Pk/130)

    Order #: 5354C-B

    Mfg #: QCC311-BK

    Call for Availability

    $36.14 USD
  15. Mouser Electronics QUP12-RED

    Wrap-Up Calibration Labels, Red, (Pk/120)

    Order #: 5356C-R

    Mfg #: QUP12-RD

    Ships in 1-2 weeks

    $29.72 USD
  16. Mouser Electronics QCC310-O

    Coverall Miniature Labels Orange, 1 X 5/8" (Pk/130)

    Order #: 5354C-O

    Mfg #: QCC311-OR

    Ships in 1-2 weeks

    $36.14 USD
  17. Mouser Electronics QCC310-R

    Coverall Miniature Labels Red, 1 X 5/8" (Pk/130)

    Order #: 5354C-R

    Mfg #: QCC311-RD

    Call for Availability

    $36.14 USD
  18. Mouser Electronics QCC306-GY

    Calibration Labels, Grey

    Order #: 5353C-GRAY

    Mfg #: QCC306-GY

    Ships in 1-2 weeks

    $38.20 USD
  19. Mouser Electronics MAM127

    "Out of Calibration Do Not Use" Label

    Order #: MAM127R

    Mfg #: MAM127

    In stock

    $19.54 USD
  20. Mouser Electronics QC136

    "For Reference Only" Label

    Order #: QC136

    Mfg #: QC136

    Ships in 1-2 weeks

    $32.06 USD
  21. Mouser Electronics QLL412

    "Reject" Labels, Paper Roll

    Order #: QLL412

    Mfg #: QLL412

    Ships in 1-2 weeks

    $52.75 USD
  22. Mouser Electronics QUP6GR

    Wrap-Up Calibration Labels, Green 1 x 3"

    Order #: QUP6-GR

    Mfg #: QUP6-GR

    Ships in 1-2 weeks

    $30.94 USD
  23. Mouser Electronics QC155

    Calibration Label, "Calibrated"

    Order #: 25759CL

    Mfg #: QC155

    In stock

    $30.15 USD

    $22.62 USD

  24. Mouser Electronics MAM126

    "Calibration Not Required" Label for Small Instruments

    Order #: 25789CL

    Mfg #: MAM126

    Ships in 1-2 weeks

    $17.50 USD
  25. Mouser Electronics QUP12-BLACK

    Wrap-Up Calibration Labels, Black, (Pk/120)

    Order #: 5356C-B

    Mfg #: QUP12-BK

    Call for Availability

    $29.29 USD

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Items 1-25 of 35

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