Fluke PRV240

Battery-powered voltage source proving unit

Order #: PRV240

Mfg #: 4566209

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Special Price $134.99 Regular Price $149.99

Fluke PRV240

Battery-powered voltage source proving unit

Order #: PRV240

Mfg #: 4566209

Special Price $134.99 Regular Price $149.99
Unique, compact, convenient The Fluke PRV240 Proving Unit is a portable, pocket-sized, battery-powered voltage source. It is unique in that it sources stable ac and dc voltages for both LoZ and HiZ instruments.

Designed for safety and compliance The Fluke PRV240 provides a safe method to verify that your electrical test tool is operating properly before you conduct any live tests. The concept of "Test Before Touch" (TBT) involves testing your meter against a known live source before and after the actual measurement. This sequence verifies that your test tool is operating properly during the actual measurement.

Verify your test tool without unnecessary exposure to shock and arc flash. Using the PRV240 reduces the need for personal protective equipment (PPE) when a known voltage source is not available for verification of your tester or multimeter before test before TBT are performed. PPE is still needed for absence of voltage testing when appropriate.
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Product Highlights

  • Using the PRV240 reduces the risk of shock and arc flash by validating the functionality of test tools without placing yourself in a potentially hazardous electrical environment
  • Sources both ac and dc steady-state voltage—supplies 240 V dc/ac
  • A single LED indicates functionality, making this unit a simple-to-use solution for complying with TBT verification of your test tool
  • Compatible with both high impedance or low impedance multimeters, clamp meters or two pole testers
  • Voltage is sourced through recessed contacts that are activated when tested probes are inserted to avoid accidental contact
  • Includes TPak™ Magnetic Hanging Strap
  • Long battery life—5,000 tests per set of four AA batteries


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