Fluke T5-1K/PRV240
V/Cont./Curr. Tester & voltage source proving unit kit

Order #: T5-1K/PRV240

Mfg #: 4636998

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Special Price $331.19 Regular Price $344.99

Fluke T5-1K/PRV240

V/Cont./Curr. Tester & voltage source proving unit kit

Order #: T5-1K/PRV240

Mfg #: 4636998

Special Price $331.19 Regular Price $344.99
Availability: Ships in 3-4 weeks

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Product Highlights

  • T5-1000:
    • Measures AC/DC Voltage to 1000V, AC Current to 100A, Resistance to 1000 Ohms
    • DCV Accuracy: ±(1% + 1 digit)
    • Has Continuity Beeper
    • Checks Current without Breaking Circuit
    • Test Leads Are Built In
    • Compact: 8" High, 10 Oz.
  • PRV240:
    • Using the PRV240 reduces the risk of shock and arc flash by validating the functionality of test tools without placing yourself in a potentially hazardous electrical environment
    • Sources both ac and dc steady-state voltage—supplies 240 V dc/ac
    • A single LED indicates functionality, making this unit a simple-to-use solution for complying with TBT verification of your test tool
    • Compatible with both high impedance or low impedance multimeters, clamp meters or two pole testers
    • Voltage is sourced through recessed contacts that are activated when tested probes are inserted to avoid accidental contact
    • Includes TPak™ Magnetic Hanging Strap
    • Long battery life—5,000 tests per set of four AA batteries


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