Yokogawa 278620
Decade Resistance Box,1-111 111ohm(6 Decade Dials)

Order #: 278620

Mfg #: 278620

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Special Price $3,298.00 Regular Price $3,400.00

Yokogawa 278620

Decade Resistance Box,1-111 111ohm(6 Decade Dials)

Order #: 278620

Mfg #: 278620

Special Price $3,298.00 Regular Price $3,400.00
Models.278610 and 278620 six-dial decade resistance boxes allow quick and easy setting of a wide range of resistance. These resistance boxes are used in combination with voltage or current standards to adjust voltage or current, as dummy load resistances or as an arm of AC bridges.
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Product Highlights

  • Precision bridge used for exact determination of resistance in the 100 mΩ to 110 mΩ range with accuracy of 0.01 to 0.05%
  • Since this instrument includes a high-sensitivity transistorized galvanometer and bridge power source, no auxiliary device is required.
  • Superior resistor element
  • Minimized contact resistance
  • Guarding and shielding: Materials of high insulation resistance and low absorption are employed. Guard circuits are provided to insure stable operation even in highly humid atmospheres. The instrument is housed in a (grey) metal case to assure the operator of excellent shielding
  • Heat-insulated pushbutton keys: If the operator's body temperature were carried to the galvanometer sensitivity control keys, a temperature difference would arise at the contact point and produce thermal emf resulting in measurement error. To eliminate this effect, the pushbutton keys for the galvanometer sensitivity control are heat-insulated with phenol resin.
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