Hamar Lasers S-680-A-C6

Shaft Alignment System 5-axis Dual - Beam Adv - no tablet

Order #: S-680-A-C6

Mfg #: S-680-A-C6

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Special Price $16,970.15 Regular Price $17,495.00

Hamar Lasers S-680-A-C6

Shaft Alignment System 5-axis Dual - Beam Adv - no tablet

Order #: S-680-A-C6

Mfg #: S-680-A-C6

Special Price $16,970.15 Regular Price $17,495.00
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Product Highlights

  • 4-axis simultaneous live shaft alignment graphics in a large, concise, color display.
  • Robust, 2.4 GHz frequency hopping radio wireless communication with 50 feet of communication range.
  • Live motor alignment data shows corrections of all 4 axes (vertical center and angle and horizontal center and angle) as they are being made.
  • Rugged laptop computer is designed for shop-floor environments.
  • System can store a virtually unlimited number of laser alignment reports and set-ups.
  • 40mm target measuring range handles large thermal offsets.
  • Sub-micron resolution (angular accuracy is 10 micro radians).
  • Automatic target sensing of "start" and "stop" points. Sweep angle can be as little as 60

Hamar Laser developed the very first 4-axis live laser alignment system in the early 90's. It quickly became the standard by which other systems were judged. The introduction of our S-680/S-670Wireless Coupling Alignment System set a new standard. With features like a robust wireless data link, 5-axis target with automatic sweep function, sub-micron resolution, the largest cell range in the market, large color graphics and many more, the S-680/S-670 is rapidly becoming the choice for laser coupling/shaft, motor and pump alignment applications.

S-680/S-670 Reduces Bearing/Seal Costs

Properly aligned motors and pumps will last longer, perform better and use less electricity. The S-680/S-670 is an extremely fast and highly accurate tool to align motors to pumps. Not only will you perform motor & pump alignments in record time, but you will also increase the life of your motor bearings and seals, saving you thousands of dollars annually in reduced maintenance costs. And depending on how many motors you have, the S-680/S-670 will probably pay for itself in the very first year.

Lasers Are Simply Faster

After 10 years of laser shaft alignment, it is now an established fact that lasers are simply faster and more accurate than indicator-based motor alignment methods. The bigger the motor, the more time saved during alignments. We had one customer tell us that they reduced the alignment time on one motor from 2 days to 4 hours! This time saving can be especially helpful on critical machinery where downtime is very costly.

Live Data in 4 Axes and Shim Values Really Speed Alignments

The S-680/S-670 shows both the horizontal and vertical misalignment for both angle and center simultaneously in real time. That, combined with Windows-based software that calculates shim values, really saves time. No longer will you have to guess how far your horizontal moves are going. You will know instantly with the S-680/S-670.

Indicator Methods Not Accurate Enough

With the advent of vibration analysis and thermal imaging, it is becoming clear that indicator-based methods are no longer good enough. To reduce vibrations and bearing-destroying heat, motors must be aligned very accurately. Indicator methods do a reasonable job of aligning the centers of the shafts but a poor job of making them parallel; large angular misalignments are common. By contrast, the S-680/S-670 provides the needed accuracy to reduce excess vibrations and heat so the motors last as long as the salesman says they should!

PM Programs More Efficient with S-680/S-670

If you have a preventative maintenance program, you will be glad you have the S-680/S-670. Whether you are changing a worn-out motor or simply performing a PM check, the S-680/S-670 will help you perform pump and motor alignments faster and more accurately than before. It literally takes about 5 minutes to set up the S-680/S-670 and display misalignment data. You will know instantly whether you have to align a motor or not. And with our computer-based shaft alignment system, generating reports and saving laser alignment data has never been easier. The computer can store thousand's of alignment reports and you can even get a color printer that runs off the battery of the computer!

Automatic Sweep Function Saves Even More Time

The S-680/S-670 standard accelerometer provides rotation angle measurements to create a Sweep mode eliminating the "clock method" many other systems still use today. This rotation sensor automatically detects "start" and "stop" points, and works with a sweep angle of as little as 60 degrees of arc, which is especially useful in cramped conditions. This is a standard feature that competing systems charge up to $1,000 for.

S-680/S-670 Even Works in Direct Sunlight

With our new internal light meter, the S-680/S-670 actually provides a display of how sunlight is affecting the shaft alignment readings. In most cases, the S-680/S-670 will actually work in direct sunlight without having to put up tarps or other shade devices. We took it down to a pipeline company and did an alignment on a sunny day surrounded by bright, white piping. It was so bright, we had to wear sunglasses to see, yet the S-680/S-670 performed flawlessly!

Universal Brackets Eliminate Bulky Accessories

One set of mounting brackets is all that is needed to align 95% of the motors out in the field. The brackets accommodate shafts from 1/2" to 12" without modification, and they can be easily expanded to fit larger shafts to 18". They even have built-in magnets for extremely large shafts. About the only bracket accessories that are needed are offset brackets used for very short shafts.

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