Application Note:

Fluke solutions for post storm inspections and workflow


When life-altering natural disasters strike, we’d like everyone to know that Fluke and its distributors are ready to support their efforts to rebuild, repair, and sustain operations. Fluke tools and software are part of a system solution that can help accelerate recovery efforts. And, in the aftermath of a stressful storm, our deep knowledge of tool capabilities, how they relate to the overall system of Fluke products, and precise applications will help customers get through very challenging times.

Structural inspections

A customer’s first step is to inspect structural damage, confirm plumb, level and square. Both self-leveling 3-point and 2-point laser levels help them quickly and accurately lay out reference points, ensuring that future installation is perfectly level. Speed is essential, and they can save time using a laser distance meter, as it makes rapid calculations of area and volume, and provides easy targeting.

Recommended Fluke tools: 3PR, 180LR Laser Level, 424D Laser Distance Meter

Pre-inspection (Electrical)

Part of pre-inspection is assessing existing damage, and the severity exists on a spectrum. During this visual inspection, electricians will need to determine the presence of voltage, any structural damage, identify water leakage points, short circuits, and the sources of power outages. Non-contact electrical testers provide a critical function, allowing for the safe testing of defective grounds and energized circuits.

Recommended Fluke tools: 1AC II A1 VoltAlert™ Electrical Tester, 2AC VoltAlert™ Electrical Tester (90-1000v), LVD2 Volt Light, 324 True-rms Clamp Meter, TiS75 Infrared Camera


Prior to powering up, technicians will have to inspect wiring and motor conditions for insulation problems and moisture pervasiveness. Time and speed are major factors, and some customers will be missing their own tools. Technicians can deploy an insulation multimeter to help identify contaminated insulation problems faster, an insulation tester for testing high voltage equipment—like generators and motors—and a multifunctional installation tester that efficiency testers to all local regulations and protects appliances connected to the system under test.

Recommended Fluke tools: 1587 FC Insulation Multimeter, 1550C 5kV Insulation Tester/KIT, 1555 10kV Insulation Tester, 1664 FC Multifunctional Installation Tester

Power-up and inspection

A number of Fluke tools can help ensure accuracy and quality during power-up. The customer can validate that their motors and circuits are working correctly, checking for misalignment causing excessive vibration. Integral to this process is an industrial multimeter that assists in faster problem-solving, providing users with troubleshooting capabilities that can handle complex signals and capture intermittents. Access to a clamp meter with inrush current capabilities, vibration meter, vibration tester, laser shaft alignment tool, and a high quality infrared camera all allow them to inspect and, in some cases, diagnose root cause.

Recommended Fluke tools: 87-5 Industrial True-rms Multimeter with Temperature, 376 FC True-rms AC/DC Clamp Meter with iFlex®, 805 FC Vibration Meter, 810 Vibration Tester, 830 Laser Shaft Alignment Tool, Ti450 Infrared Camera

Ongoing monitoring

Power quality will remain an issue to help ensure sensitive equipment isn’t damaged. While customers are stabilizing their electrical systems, they will need reliable tools to monitor and measure power quality. Load studies, energy assessments, frontline troubleshooting, and capturing waveform data are key features of a power quality analyzer. A three-phase power quality and motor analyzer helps keep track of electrical and mechanical performance of electrical motors, in addition to power quality evaluation. And a three-phase energy logger can be used for right-sizing generators and load studies.

Recommended Fluke tools: 435-II Power Quality Analyzer, 438-II Three Phase Power Quality and Motor Analyzer, Fluke 1734 Three-Phase Energy Logger