Yokogawa DL9710L for Rent
Oscilloscope, 1GHz, 5GS/s, 32ch, 6.25MW

Order #: DL9710L-RENT2

Mfg #: DL9710L

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Yokogawa DL9710L for Rent

Oscilloscope, 1GHz, 5GS/s, 32ch, 6.25MW

Order #: DL9710L-RENT2

Mfg #: DL9710L

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Rent from the Instrument experts at TranscatRent from the Instrument experts at Transcat
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Product Highlights

Two primary challenges in developing a MSO are correlating samples between the logic and analog inputs, and maintaining waveform update rate (minimizing dead time) as various oscilloscope functions are enabled. The DL9000 MSO models are unsurpassed in these areas. Whereas logic hardware on many MSO's are an afterthought, the DL9700/9500 is designed to always match sample rate and memory depth between the analog and logic channels. You can trust that signals are correlated, plus unrestricted 5GS/sec logic sample rate means the least amount of timing uncertainty. Unlike other vendors, the DL9000 MSO models' waveform update rate is unaffected when using logic channels.

  • Simultaneous measurement and analysis of 4 analog channels + 16/32-bit logic
    • Analog: 500MHz/1GHz frequency bandwidth
    • Logic: Maximum toggle frequency of 250 MHz
    • Analog and Logic Sampling speed: up to 5 GS/s
    • Memory length: 6.25 MW/ch
  • High speed acquisition and quick response
  • Fast and powerful analysis of logic channels
  • Capture and separate anomalies easily with History Memory
  • Extensive trigger functions for handling the most complex waveforms
  • Versatile zoom and search functions
  • Lightweight and compact
    • Approximately 350 (W) 200 (H) 285 (D) mm
    • Weight: Approximately 8 kg
High Speed Response

High-Speed Display and Updating at up to 2.5 Million waveforms/s and Megawords of Data from 4 Analog + 16/32-bit Logic Inputs with the least compromise.

You need a fast waveform update rate to maximize your chance of catching that infrequent waveform variation. You also need an oscilloscope that doesn't become sluggish and unresponsive with processor intensive functions or deep memory enabled. Yokogawa's Advanced Data Stream Engine (ADSE) is unmatched in this area. Logic channel inputs, and even bus display mode, won't affect the update rate, giving you the best possible real time display and analysis of mixed signal waveforms.

  • Maximum update rate:
    • 25,000 waveforms/sec (2.5kW, Normal Trigger Mode)
    • 2,500,000 waveforms/sec (2.5kW, N Single Trigger Mode)
    • Maximum update rate in math mode:
  • 60 waveforms/sec (1 MW, when performing channel addition)
  • 12 waveforms/sec (5 MW, when performing channel addition)
  • Maximum update rate in parameter measurement mode:
    • 60 waveforms/sec (1 MW, when measuring a channel's maximum value)
    • 16 waveforms/sec (5 MW, when measuring a channel's maximum value)
  • Note: The above rates can vary depending on the oscilloscope settings.

    4ch Analog & 32/16-bit Logic Signal Analysis

    Debugging mixed signal circuits requires an expanded set of capabilities beyond what a general oscilloscope or logic analyzer can offer alone. DL9000 series MSO models offer convenient, innovative functions for display and analysis of mixed signal characteristics. and assists with measurement and debugging of analog/digital mixed signals.

    State display and bus display functions are typically found in logic analyzers. DL9000 Series MSO Models support these types of logic signal display and analysis functions, and helps increase efficiency in the coordinated analysis of analog and logic signals. Moreover, when performing these analysis and display functions on DL9000 Series MSO Models, the screen display update rate is not compromised.

    History Memory Function

    Other oscilloscopes show you digitally persisted acquisitions in just one display layer. What if there is a signal buried within the "fuzz" you would like to separate? With the DL9000, not only can you toggle digital persistence (accumulation) on or off, Yokogawa's unique "history memory" also allows you to separate and view previously acquired data individually.

    DL9000 Series MSO Models not only update the display at high speed, but also includes a function for recalling up to 2000 screens worth of past waveforms.
    High-speed screen updating alone does not allow users to take full advantage of the digital oscilloscope. Rather, the ability to redisplay and analyze individual waveforms unleashes the digital oscilloscope's full potential.

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