Vitrek DL215
Electronic DC Load, 150V/42A/ 250W w/7.25kW/65A transient cap

Order #: DL215

Mfg #: DL215

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Vitrek DL215

Electronic DC Load, 150V/42A/ 250W w/7.25kW/65A transient cap

Order #: DL215

Mfg #: DL215

Availability: Ships in 2-3 weeks

Product Highlights

Industry's Easiest-To-Use DC Load

Vitrek's DL Series Electronic Loads are available in a multiple configurations to meet your unique application requirements. No other electronic DC load on the market today is easier to use. Equipped with a full color LCD touchscreen display, the unit can quickly be set up for your next test. In addition, the DL is equipped with a comprehensive self-test that ensures that all loading and measurement circuitry is functioning properly.

Extremely Flexible in a Variety of Applications

The DL Series is equally at home generating kW, W, mW or µW loading. Whether you are performing tests for LED drivers, batteries or battery chargers, the DL Series is the right choice for these applications.

Maximum Accuracy - Maximum Features

The unit is fully featured with transient and wide band non-linear loading capabilities along with the additional feature of sweep capability. The DL Series Electronic Load provides high accuracy measurements (± 0.05%) of voltage and current with sweep steps as short as 20µs and pulsed loading up to 100 kHz. Units are fully configurable for loading riding and falling edge controls and soft-start capabilities. The DL Series provides excellent transient performance in timing and waveshape with the ability for the user to view the current and voltage waveforms using the internal scope. The device provides fully protected short loading with automatic current and power limiting.

Unequaled Visibility of Test Results

The DL Series provides graphical X/Y plotting of V vs I and V vs P characteristics using swept loading. In addition, the unit has a historical data logging capability, both graphical and numerical for additional test analysis and evaluation.

Flexible Integration in a Compact Package

The DL Series is just 5" high, 8.5" wide and 13" deep, allowing easy integration into any test bench. The unit provides a variety of interfaces including LAN, USB Device & Host and Digital I/O. In addition, multiple units may be used in parallel for static higher power and current loading. No other manufacturer offers more features than Vitrek - at a price that easily fits in your budget.

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  1. Vitrek RM-DL Rack Mount Kit for DL Series Electronic DC Loads
    Vitrek RM-DL
    Rack Mount Kit for DL Series Electronic DC Loads

    Order #: RM-DL

    Mfg #: RM-DL

    Availability: Ships in 2-3 weeks
  DL115 DL150 DL215 DL250 DL515 DL550
Input Voltage 0-150V 0-500V 0-150V 0-500V 0-150V 0-500V
Voltage Measurement Accuracy 0.04%+1mV
Voltage (CV) Loading Full range of voltages, user configurable resistance from 1mΩ upwards
CV Loading Accuracy 0.04%+1mV
Sense Loading Nominally 923kΩ, automatically included in all measurement results and all loading except open
Min. Current 10µA 60µA 20µA 120µA 50µA 250µA
Max. Current >1s 21A 42A 84A
100ms 30A 60A 120A
<10ms 30A 60A 120A
Current (CC) Accuracy 0.05%+5µA 0.05%+30µA 0.05%+10µA 0.05%+60µA 0.05%+25µA 0.05%+125µA
Max. Power >1s 125W 250W 500W
100ms 160W 320W 640W
10ms 380W 325W 760W 650W 1.5kW 1.3kW
1ms 1.15kW 950W 2.3kW 1.9kW 4.6kW 3.8kW
<100µs 3.6kW 2.4kW 7.2kW 4.8kW 14.4kW 9.6kW
Power (CW) Accuracy 0.075%+25µW 0.075%+150µW 0.075%+50µW 0.075%+300µW 0.075%+125µW 0.075%+625µW
Resistive Loading 42mΩ-900kΩ 90mΩ-900kΩ 21mΩ-700kΩ 45mΩ-700kΩ 10.5mΩ-500kΩ 25mΩ-500kΩ
Resistive (CR) Accuracy 0.1%
Capacitive Loading 0.3µF
Loading Modes
(Level A and Level B)
Basic (CV+CR+CC+CW in any combination), single or arbitrary sequence (up to 100 independent steps)
V-I Table Lookup (interpolated, up to 100 points)
Linear or logarithmic swept current or power, up to 500 steps, P1->P2 or P1->P2->P1
OCP or OPP Test (automatically terminated current or power sweep)
Loading Timing Modes Continuous Level A or B (any combination of the above modes)
Pulsed A/B (any combination of the above modes except OCP or OPP)
Interleaved A/B (any combination of the above modes except OCP or OPP)
Load Timing Continuous, or 5µs to 10000s pulsed/stepped
Non-linear Loading Bandwidth Typically >35kHz with ability to reduce bandwidth
Size 5in high x 8.5in wide x 13in deep
Weight Approx. 8lb (unpacked, without external power supply).
Power External 12Vdc, 60VA power brick
Display 5in diagonal, 800x480 pixel color LCD with touchscreen.
Adjustment Wheel Indented encoder provided on front panel allowing for the "live" adjustment of the loading levels or timings.
Rack Mounting Rack mounts kits available for mounting one or two units in a 19in wide rack.
Terminals Front: Sheathed banana 4mm sockets, suitable for up to 30A continuous loading.
Rear Approx. 1in square x 0.06in blade type terminals (fully specified). Safety cover provided.
Voltage Sense wire entry sprung sockets in rear panel
Warm Up Time 20 seconds
Full Specifications 15 minutes
Temperature Operating: 0 to +40C, at 10 to 80%RH (non-condensing) Automatically reduces loading if overheating detected.
Storage -20C to +70C, at 5 to 95%RH (non-condensing)
Altitude 0 to 2000m ASL
Cooling Variable speed forced air. Intake vents on both sides and in the bottom, exhaust vents in the rear. Specifications valid with any one set of intake vents impeded. At least 6 inches of clear space must be provided behind the rear panel and two inches on the side of intake vents.