Tektronix FG501A Used for Sale
Function Generator 0.002Hz to 2MHz

Order #: FG501A-USED

Mfg #: FG501A

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Tektronix FG501A Used for Sale

Function Generator 0.002Hz to 2MHz

Order #: FG501A-USED

Mfg #: FG501A


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Product Highlights

The FG501A is a Function Generator from Tektronix. A function generator is a type of signal generator people use to generate many kinds of electrical waveforms over a range of frequencies. A function generator is a type of electronic test equipment that produces sine, triangular, square, and sawtooth shape waveforms. The user can make these waveforms single-shot, using a trigger source, or repetitive, based on use. This kind of signal generator uses integrated circuits to create waveforms. Function generators cover both RF and Microwave frequencies.

The Tektronix FG501A is a function generator plug-in for the TM500 system. The Tektronix FG501A is a general-purpose, low frequency function generator producing low distortion sine,square,triangle,pulse, and ramp waveforms.Frequency is selectable from .001 to 1 MHz (switched in decade steps). An external VCF input permits controlling the output frequency from external voltage source.Frequency sweep up to 1000:1 ratio may be accomplished by applying a voltage ramp to the VCF input. Output amplitudes of 30 Vp-p open circuit and 13 V into 50-ohms can be obtained.

  • Frequency: 0.002 Hz to 2 MHz in eight decade steps
  • Output: Max. 30 Vp-p (into high impedance)
  • Attenuator: 60 dB in 20 dB steps, 20 dB variable
  • Rise time: 25 ns
  • Signals: sine, square, triangle, ramp, pulse
  • Voltage controlled frequency input (1000:1 ratio)
  • Triggering
  • Variable phase control
  • Symmetry variable from 5—95%
  • Internal sweep generator, 3 decades, lin/log

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