Tektronix TIVP05 for Rent, 500MHz Oscilloscope probe with standard accessory kit
500MHz Oscilloscope probe with standard accessory kit

Order #: TIVP05-RENT2

Mfg #: TIVP05

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Tektronix TIVP05 for Rent, 500MHz Oscilloscope probe with standard accessory kit

500MHz Oscilloscope probe with standard accessory kit

Order #: TIVP05-RENT2

Mfg #: TIVP05

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Product Highlights

IsoVu probe technology delivers accurate differential measurements up to ±2500 V on reference voltages slewing ±60 kV at 100 V/ns or faster. With the IsoVu Generation 2 design, you get all the benefits of IsoVu technology at 1/5 of the size of first generation probes.

With versatile MMCX connectors and an unmatched combination of bandwidth, dynamic range, and common mode rejection, IsoVu Gen 2 probes are setting new standards for isolated probe technology and enabling wide bandgap power designs using SiC and GaN.

Benefits of IsoVu Probes

IsoVu technology uses power-over-fiber and an optical analog signal path for complete galvanic isolation between the measurement system and your DUT. By allowing the probe to float independently at the common mode voltage, isolation provides important advantages.

  • 100 million to 1 (160 dB) CMRR from DC through 1 MHz
  • 10,000 to 1 (80 dB) CMRR at 1 GHz
  • ±60 kV Common Mode Voltage range
  • Up to ±2500 V differential input Voltage range
  • Up to ±2500 V offset range

High Voltage and High Bandwidth

With traditional differential probes you had to choose between high bandwidth or high voltage levels. IsoVu probes, with their shielded coaxial cable and isolation, provide high bandwidth and a differential voltage range of ±2500 V. IsoVu Gen 2 offers bandwidths of 200 MHz, 500 MHz, and 1 GHz to fit your budget and performance needs.

High Performance and Convenient Connections

IsoVu probe tips have a range of connections and accessories that offer high performance and accessibility. The probes can connect directly to MMCX connectors, which are inexpensive and widely-available. This makes for stable, hands-free test points and offer high bandwidth and common mode rejection. The solid metal body shields the center conductor and minimizes ground loop area for the lowest interference possible.

Other accessories are available to adapt the probe tips to a wide range of connections. Additional 0.100" and 0.200" spaced square-pin tips are available for applications that require greater than ±250V differential voltage. When not using a tip, the sensor head has 1 MΩ and 50Ω switchable termination at the probe's SMA connector. This feature effectively adds an isolated channel to any compatible oscilloscope.

Floating Measurements in Power Converter and Motor Drive Designs

Making high-side measurements in half-bridge power converters is challenging because the source or collector to which the measurements are referenced is slewing rapidly up and down. Wide bandgap devices like SiC and GaN FETs are even harder to measure because they can switch high voltages in a few nanoseconds. Noise from this rapidly changing common mode voltage leaks into the differential measurements and hides details on VGS and VDS. IsoVu probes have unmatched common mode rejection at full bandwidth that lets you see signal details, often for the first time.


  • Half/Full bridge designs using SiC or GaN, FETs, or IGBTs
  • Floating measurements
  • Power converter design
  • Power device evaluation
  • Switching power supply design
  • Inverter design
  • Motor drive design
  • Electronic ballast design
  • EMI and ESD troubleshooting
  • Current shunt measurements
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