Tektronix DSA70804 FOR RENT
Digital Serial Analyzer 8GHz/4-Ch./25 GS/s

Order #: DSA70804-RENT2

Mfg #: DSA70804-RENT2

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Tektronix DSA70804 FOR RENT

Digital Serial Analyzer 8GHz/4-Ch./25 GS/s

Order #: DSA70804-RENT2

Mfg #: DSA70804-RENT2

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Product Highlights

The DSA70804 is a 8 GHz, 4 Channel digital oscilloscope from Tektronix. Digital oscilloscopes make use of binary numbers that correspond to samples of the electronic equipment's voltage. This is in contrast to analog oscilloscopes, which use continually varying voltages. Digital oscilloscopes use an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) to convert the voltages it measures into digital information.

Additional Features:

  • Bandwidth: 8 GHz
  • Channels: 4
  • Sample Rate: 25 GS/s
  • Record Length: 20M
  • Time Base Range: 20 ps/div to 1000 s/div
  • Fastest Waveform Capture Rate with >300,000 wfm/s Maximum per Channel
  • Digital Serial Analyzer Models with Dedicated Configuration for High-speed Serial Design and Compliance Testing
  • Enhanced Bandwidth to the Probe Tip Extended to Support Multiple Bandwidth Steps for Advanced Signal Integrity
  • Pinpoint® Triggering with Over 1400 Combinations to Address Virtually Any Triggering Situation
  • Unique Serial Pattern Triggering
  • Up to 3.125 Gb/s and 8b/10b Standard Protocol Triggering for Isolation of Pattern-dependent Effects and NRZ Serial Test Pattern Triggering up to 6.25 Gb/s
  • Serial Data Analysis and Compliance for PCI Express, Serial ATA, FB-DIMM, SAS, Fibre Channel, IEEE 1394b, RapidIO, XAUI, HDMI, DVI, Ethernet, USB 2.0
  • Most Popular Jitter and Timing Measurement and Analysis Package
  • 12.1" Largest XGA Touch Screen Display in the Industry
  • Event Search and Mark to Facilitate the Comprehension of Event Relationships
  • MyScope® Custom Windows and Right Mouse Click Menus for Exceptional Efficiency
  • OpenChoice® Software with Microsoft Windows XP OS Enables Built-in Networking and Extended Analysis


  • Signal Integrity, Jitter and Timing Analysis
  • Verification, Debug and Characterization of Sophisticated Designs
  • Debugging and Compliance Testing of Serial Data Streams for Telecom and Datacom Industry Standards
  • Investigation of Transient Phenomena
  • Spectral Analysis

The Tektronix DSA70804 is the new generation of real-time digital phosphor oscilloscopes and are the industry's best solution to the challenging signal integrity issues faced by designers verifying, characterizing, debugging and testing sophisticated electronic designs. The specialized DSA70000 Series provides a complete and dedicated solution to address the challenges of high-speed serial designs.

The family features exceptional performance in signal acquisition and analysis, operational simplicity and unmatched debugging tools to accelerate your day-to-day tasks. The largest screen in the industry and the intuitive user interface provide easy access to the maximum amount of information.

More than just color-grading, FastAcq's proprietary DPX® acquisition technology captures signals at more than 300,000 waveforms per second on all four channels simultaneously, dramatically increasing the probability of discovering infrequent fault events. And with a simple turn of the intensity knob you can clearly "see a world others don't see," displaying the complete picture of your circuit's operation. Some oscilloscope vendors claim high waveform capture rates for short bursts of time, but only Tektronix oscilloscopes, enabled by DPX technology, can deliver these fast waveform capture rates on a sustained basis - saving minutes, hours or even days by quickly revealing the nature of faults so sophisticated trigger modes can be applied to isolate them.

Whether you're trying to find a system error or need to isolate a section of a complex signal for further analysis, Tektronix' Pinpoint® triggering provides the solution. The Pinpoint trigger system uses Silicon Germanium (SiGe) technology to provide very high trigger sensitivity with very low trigger jitter and ability to capture very narrow glitches. Pinpoint triggering allows selection of virtually all trigger types on both A and B trigger events. Other trigger systems offer multiple trigger types only on a single event (A event), with delayed trigger (B event) selection limited to edge type triggering and often do not provide a way to reset the trigger sequence if the B event doesn't occur. But Pinpoint triggering provides the full suite of advanced trigger types on both A and B triggers, logic qualification to control when to look for these events and reset triggering to begin the trigger sequence again after a specified time, state or transition so that even events in the most complex signals can be captured. Other oscilloscopes typically offer less than 20 trigger combinations; Pinpoint triggering offers over 1400 combinations, all at full performance.

With Enhanced Triggering, you can choose to compensate for the difference in time there is between the trigger path and the display path and eliminate virtually any trigger jitter at the trigger point. In this mode, the trigger point can be used as a measurement reference.

To debug serial architectures, use the serial pattern triggering for NRZ serial data stream with built-in clock recovery and correlate events across physical and link layer. This feature comes standard on the DSA70000 series and is available on DPO70000 models as Opt. PTH. The instrument can recover the clock signal, identify transitions and allow you to set the desired encoded words for the serial pattern trigger to capture. Opt. PTH and the DSA70000 Series cover serial standards up to 3.125 Gb/s. Pattern Lock Triggering adds a new dimension to NRZ serial pattern triggering by enabling the oscilloscope to take synchronized acquisitions of a long serial test pattern with outstanding time base accuracy. Pattern lock triggering can be used to remove random jitter from long serial data patterns. Effects of specific bit transitions can be investigated and averaging can be used with mask testing. This feature supports up to 6.25 Gb/s NRZ serial data stream and is standard.

The DPO/DSA70000 Series have the largest display in the industry with a 12.1" XGA touch screen that gives up to 15% more waveform display than other oscilloscopes of their classes. Ten vertical divisions give you 25% more vertical measurement resolution than other oscilloscopes.

The TekConnect™ probe interface provides versatility and ease of use enabled by intelligent bi-directional oscilloscope-to-probe communication and maintain signal fidelity. The DPO/DSA70000 Series instruments contain a comprehensive suite of features, such as a touch screen, shallow menu structures, intuitive graphical icons, knob-per-channel vertical controls, support for right mouse clicks, mouse wheel operation and intuitive Export/Save/Recall menus.

Tektronix' Integrated View (iView™) data display enables digital designers to solve signal integrity challenges and effectively debug and verify their systems more quickly and easily. This integration allows designers to view time-correlated digital and analog data in the same display window, and isolate the analog characteristics of the digital signals that are causing systems failures. No user calibration is required. And once set up, the iView feature is completely automated.

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