Used Tektronix AFG2021 Arbitrary Function Generator
Arbitrary Function Generator

Order #: AFG2021-USED

Mfg #: AFG2021

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Used Tektronix AFG2021 Arbitrary Function Generator

Arbitrary Function Generator

Order #: AFG2021-USED

Mfg #: AFG2021


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Product Highlights

The AFG2021 Arbitrary Function Generator gives you the power to create the signals you need at an entry-level price. With 20 MHz bandwidth, 14-bit resolution, and 250 MS/s sample rate, you can generate all manner of signals -- from complex serial data streams to simple audio frequencies or clock signals to the output of an airbag sensor during a crash. With 12 standard waveforms, modulation capability, and a built-in noise generator, you can quickly create the signal you need to thoroughly exercise your designs.

Key performance specifications

  • 20 MHz sine, 10 MHz pulse waveforms provide coverage for your most common applications
  • 250 MS/s sampling rate and 14-bit vertical resolution enable the creation of high-fidelity signals

Key features

  • The innovative UI reduces setup and evaluation time with direct access to frequently used functions and parameters
  • The internal 4 _ 128 kS memory and the USB memory expansion capability provide substantial capacity for defining complex waveforms
  • USB remote control port and USB flash drive port are included. GPIB and LAN interfaces are available as an option
  • Built-in Modulation, Noise Generator, Burst, and Sweep modes for greater versatility
  • Built-in waveforms provide quick access to commonly used signals
  • Large 3.5 inch color screen displays both graphical and numeric waveform information simultaneously
  • Menu and online help in 8 languages
  • 2U height and half-rack width fits both benchtop and rack-mounted applications
  • Free ArbExpress software makes waveform editing and downloading extremely easy
  • Free SignalExpress software combines Tektronix bench instruments into a low-cost solution for automatic testing


  • Electronic test and design
  • Sensor simulation
  • Education and training
  • Functional test
  • System integration

Superior performance at an affordable price

Most electronic devices, circuits, and systems are designed to handle some form of a signal. These signals can be simple like an audio frequency or clock signal or more complex like a serial data stream or the output of an airbag sensor during a crash. With 20 MHz bandwidth, 14-bit resolution, and 250 MS/s sample rate, the AFG2021 Arbitrary Function Generator can create both simple and complex signals at an entry-level price. With 12 standard waveforms, modulation capability, and a built-in noise generator, you can quickly create the signal you need to thoroughly exercise your designs.

Intuitive user interface

The innovative ease-of-use features first seen on the AFG3000 Series arbitrary/function generators are the building blocks for the AFG2021, providing quick access to setup and operational features. Experienced AFG3000 users will find it especially easy to set up the new AFG2021. A 3.5 inch color TFT screen shows relevant parameters in both graphic and text formats, so you can have full confidence in your settings and focus on the task at hand. The front-panel shortcut buttons and rotary knob provide quick access to the most frequently used functions and settings.

Excellent frequency agility

Traditional function generators created their output signals using analog oscillators and signal conditioning. The Tektronix AFG2021 relies on Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) techniques. DDS technology synthesizes waveforms by using a single clock frequency to generate any frequency within the instrument's range. DDS architecture provides exceptional frequency agility, making it possible to program fast frequency and phase changes, which is useful for testing radio and satellite system components, amplifiers, and filters.

Frequency range from 1 _Hz to 20 MHz, supports a wide range of amplifier and filter testing applications.

ArbExpress for real-world waveforms with minimal effort

With ArbExpress software, you can quickly create waveforms that can be copied to the AFG2021 to meet custom stimulus requirements. ArbExpress supports direct connection to Tektronix oscilloscopes and AFGs through USB, GPIB, or LAN. The software allows you to import real-world signals captured with an oscilloscope onto a PC, then edit and download them onto an AFG to duplicate the captured waveform. This is extremely useful for automotive, medical, and industrial applications where recreating sensor output is critical to analyzing the integrity of the design.

ArbExpress software helps you easily duplicate real-world signals.

Insert productivity with SignalExpress

Every AFG2021 ships with a free copy of the Tektronix Edition of National Instrument's LabVIEW SignalExpress software for basic instrument control, data logging, and analysis. SignalExpress supports the range of Tektronix bench instruments enabling you to connect your entire test bench. You can then access each instrument from one intuitive software interface. This allows you to automate complex measurements requiring multiple instruments, log data for an extended period of time, time-correlate data from multiple instruments, and easily capture and analyze your results, all from your PC. Only Tektronix offers a connected test bench of intelligent instruments to simplify and speed debug of your complex design.


Using the front-panel USB host port, you can save your customized waveforms or instrument settings onto a USB memory stick. Reloading the data is easily done by plugging the device back into the USB host port. The USB device port and optional GPIB/LAN ports provide multiple alternatives for connecting the AFG2021 to your PC for waveform download and remote control.

Compact form factor

The 2U height and half-rack width form factor allow the AFG2021 to be stacked on other bench instruments, such as digital multimeters, power supplies, and frequency counters, saving valuable bench space. With the optional RMU2U rackmount kit, GPIB interface, and full SCPI support, the AFG2021 is a perfect solution for automated test systems.

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