NH Research 4700-6 FOR RENT
1-120V, 1200A, 6kW High Current/Low Voltage DC Load

Order #: 4700-6-RENT2

Mfg #: 4700-6

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NH Research 4700-6 FOR RENT

1-120V, 1200A, 6kW High Current/Low Voltage DC Load

Order #: 4700-6-RENT2

Mfg #: 4700-6

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NHR 4700-6 DC Electronic Load Highlights

The NH Research (NHR) 4700-6 Programmable DC Electronic Load is designed for testing applications that require high-power and high-current as well as for dynamic performance measurement. The NHR 4700-6 Load, with its built-in capabilities, can rapidly generate engineering-characterization-like test information with excellent reliability, eliminating the need for separate external measurement instruments.

  • Remote Voltage Sense: 2 VDC max drop between sense and load input
  • Power-up self test of all major functions including status of input, output, control and protection circuits
  • Continuous checking of performance parameters and appropriate error messages and/or LED fault indicators when necessary
  • Protection: OP, OC, OV, OT, Reverse Voltage and Undervoltage Lockout
  • Trigger Output: Sychronizes external device to programmed load step
  • Trigger Input: Sychronizes programmed load step to an external device
  • Current Monitor: 0 - 10 V external signal appropriate to 100% current for the selected range
  • Analog Control: 0 - 10 V external signal appropriate to 100% current for the selected range
  • Automatic fan speed control for fan noise reduction
  • Sychronously controlled, actively power-balanced, and operate efficiently in parallel as a single load
  • Field Expandable with changes only to the input connections
  • High-resolution waveform capture for analysis of dynamic transients
  • 18 built-in, precision voltage, current, power and timing measurements that eliminate additional dedicated measurement instruments
  • Isolated digital inputs and outputs for test fixture support
  • PC/LAN control using LabVIEW & IVI drivers
  • Optional touch-panel user interface
  • Auto Mode that provides glitch-free automatic switching between CR, CC, CV and CP limits
  • Complex Load Profile Playback: Facilitates ease of re-creating complex, precisely timed, multi-mode load profiles
  • 100-step macro-recording capability allows capturing a dynamic sequence for later playback from within the load
  • Additional complex profiles can be stored in a system controller library for download to the load when needed
  • LXI Series, 43" Cabinet Form Factor, 18 Voltage, Current, Power and Brand new, never used, bought for cancelled rental order. Timing Measurements, Complex load profile playback
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