Monarch Instrument 6203-012
Stroboscope -230 volt

Order #: 6203-012

Mfg #: 6203-012

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Monarch Instrument 6203-012

Stroboscope -230 volt

Order #: 6203-012

Mfg #: 6203-012

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Product Highlights

The Monarch 6203-012 Nova-Strobe dax 230V AC digital stroboscope with xenon flash tube, internal and external trigger mode, and internal phase shift displays rate in flashes per minute (FPM) or flashes per second (Hz). It is designed for motion analysis, preventive maintenance, printing inspection, harmonics analysis, and speed measurement of repetitive motion. Internal and external trigger modes have a flash rate range of 30 to 20,000 FPM. Internal flash rates can be adjusted in 0.1 step increments using the coarse/fine adjustment knob. A digital microprocessor keeps readings accurate. Built-in multiply-by-2 and divide-by-2 push buttons allow the operator to distinguish actual rpm from harmonic frequencies, and provides stop-motion viewing beyond the 20,000 FPM limit. Tachometer mode measures speed up to 250,000 rpm with external sensor (not included). Separate transistor-transistor logic (TTL) input and output jacks (1/8" phone) provide power to remote sensors and allow multiple strobes to be daisy-chained to provide wider coverage. The xenon flash tube has a 20 to 50 microsecond flash duration to provide crisp images in brightly lit areas. Xenon flash tubes have brighter light output and a shorter flash duration than LED lights. Bright light output is required for quality images in brightly lit areas, and shorter flash durations provide sharper images, especially at high rates of speed. Continuous duty cycle and built-in threaded mount allow the stroboscope to be mounted for long-term use without cool-down periods. Data storage and recall for up to six user-selectable values and last measurement memory are retained even after power-off. The stroboscope includes a NIST Certificate of Calibration. Stroboscopes are used in a variety of settings including manufacturing, printing, education, and photography.

  • 230 Vac power
  • Provides a range of 30 to 20,0000 flashes per minute and an accuracy of ±0.002 of setting
  • Flash rates are easily adjusted to fractional RPM by a coarse/fine control knob
  • Individual TTL compatible input and output jacks are provided for `daisy chaining' of multiple strobes, triggering from an external source, or providing a trigger signal to external equipment
  • Provides internal phase shifting to keep the target precisely in view, as well as x2 and ÷2 capability for distinguishing actual RPM from harmonic frequencies
  • 6 user presetable memory flash rates for repetitive measurements and storage of the last flash rate measured are included

Each Unit Includes

  • NIST certificate of calibration
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Flash rate range30 to 20,000 FPM
Tachometer range5 to 250,000 RPM, + or - 0.001% of reading
Flash rate unitsFPM, Hz
Flash rate resolution0.01 to 1 FPM (menu selectable), 0.1 FPM max resolution above 9,999.99 FPM
Flash rate accuracy0.004% of setting, or + or - last digit
Tachometer accuracy+ or - 0.001% of reading, or + or - last digit
Trigger inputTTL (1/8" phone jack), 24V max, provides 5V out
Flash duration10 to 25 microseconds/230mJoules
Power supply220-240V AC, 50 to 400 Hz
DimensionsBody: 3.66 x 3.56 x 9"/93 x 90 x 229mm
Reflector housing: 4.8"/122mm diameter
Handle: 4.35"/108mm